LIMBONIC ART - Ad Noctum - Dynasty Of Death

The Dark Paranormal Calling

I cross dimensions unseen to ride on the axis of dreams
As I drift on through the dark corridors of post mortem
The only light in the darkness
Is the flame that burns
In my soul

I intend to follow the eternal flame of my secrecy
Emancipate the mortal world as minds redeem from the mortuary
The only life in the darkness
Is the force that yearns
In my soul

The black funeral uniform
Gives me powers
I'm catching without warning
The dark paranormal calling
A putrefied shadow that
In purgatory dwell
Imprisoned by the cold anxious pits of hell

A serpent in my soul

In midnight's aura as
A ghostly fire
The child prodigy
Of abysmal desire
As the deathlike silence pervades
The incubus now invades
Show yourself unclean spirit
Tonight I give thy shadow life
Rise with me in darkest blessing
Thine demon force
I feel possessing
A holotropic mind and spectral eyes divine
Through the shallow haze
As sky turns red

As The Bell Of Immolation Calls

In a timeless departure
From the flesh
Drifting the cold ether streams of death
By the altar of sacrifice as I call upon the night
To take and give me life
Beyond the shores of life

I glorify the hour of blackness
As the bell of immolation calls

Stony imperium dark sanctorium
The paragon of destruction
A sardonic watcher
By cryptic graves
In phantom kingdom's creation
I call the clouds to gather
The beginning of the storm
Let my whispers end in thunder

A black heart will adorn
The wings when I'm reborn
Engraved on my memory
Is whom hatred made me
The ravages of time
Battles on in my mind
There are still
Wounds that bleed
Deep in the soul of mine

I behold the beginnings of sorrow
And predict the omens of cruelty
In the plague's shadow I follow
As tormenting winds sweeps
Through the cathedral halls
As the bell of immolation calls

In embers of infernal greed
Feeding the fires unholy
Apocalypse was born
When hell brainstormed
Through me

Stony imperium dark sanctorium
The paragon of destruction
A sardonic watcher
By cryptic graves
In phantom kingdom's creation
I call the clouds to gather
The beginning of the storm
Let my whispers end in thunder

A life among the dead
and sorrowful
The endless voids where
Spirits are mournful
From the pale of agonising light
I cross the bridge
To crystal night
As the bell of immolation calls

Pits Of The Cold Beyond

As the shadow of
Dark angels fall
From the grace of light
I am carried in the arms of death
Into the night

The universe unveils
A glowing entrance to doom
Next to the setting sun and
The rising moon
Wine of life streams
In faint nocturnal screams

As the rivers run red
From the wrath of Armageddon
And the wine of life is shed
Into the pits of the cold beyond

Timor et tremor venerunt super me
At the time when the sun emerges from the dark
In limbo a star shines and in silver it sparks
I search my soul as darkness burn
For a shadow it shall return
From the pits of the cold beyond

Timor et tremor
Venerunt super me
Et aligo cecidit super me

Dynasty Of Death

I'm launching into
The abysmaluniverse
Disembodied I enter
The cosmic cataclysm

I discover stairways
To celestial dreamscapes
A dark unknown conjunction within in immoral dimension

Locus reconditus occulta tenebrarum

As all the worlds collide
And the heavenly sky divide
I live only to see the
Last star descend
From above as the
Mortal journey end
The genesis of the
Dynasty of death

Through dark tunnels
In levitation
Black cosmic space
In manifestation
I escape the earthly pandemonium
Into a vast nocturnal sanctum
A nemesis for all evil I confess
My soul bleeds by all the forces I possess
A benediction of unholy
Wrath and sorrow
My heart is buried in dark
Catacombs of horror

Sucked into that hole
That deep black hole
Not for a thousand years
Will I manage to crawl
Out of this darkness
All the vibes are insane
In the wilderness of pain

Dungeon darkness
In violent fire
Transfix the soul
With hell's desire
Where myriad's of lives
Are laid in ruins
Dormant in the ashes of
All terrestrial dreams

The dynasty of death

In the dark caves of oblivion
Bad blood rises from
The Mega Therion
From vast stalactite halls
So undivine
Through the misty
Corridors of time
As one live one shall die

Ad noctum

The Supreme Sacrifice

Thought are tyrants
That always return
To rape and torment the heart
As darkness sweeps
The face of Earth
I enter the chambers
Of bleeding art

I receive a black picture
Of the future
Shockwaves attack from
A nihilistic universe
Another icon shattered,
Drown in gory failure
The supreme sacrifice
Done in hatred's curse

The will to power
Fades slowly out

It was so my fate
To crawl among reptiles
Epitaphs was carved
Deep into the core
Of the living memories
My spirit was awaiting
The incinerator
No anxiety, no pain
Just everlasting sleep

When you seek the dawn of light
From the cold dungeons of night
The world is caught in a spell
Where dreams have become hell

Psycological autopsy,
Spirally depression
Darkness takes its prey
Psycological autopsy,
Spirally depression
End the life and earthly mission

As I found peace in
Death's challenge
The world remained
In a rotten stench

Psycological autopsy,
Spirally depression
Darkness takes its prey
Psycological autopsy,
Spirally depression
End the life and earthly mission

I stand within the flame
Watch the wisdom be discovered
When life and death is the same
I am devoured

So many nights I have spent
In thoughts not heaven sent
Blood of hatred
Poured down like rain
For evil secrets insane
In silent gloom
I kneeled obsessed
Channeling the
Enigmatic darkness
My soul, the servant
Under the illusive wings of death

When I receive a black
Picture of the future
And schockwaves attack from a nihilistic universe
My body, the temple,
A mausoleum in flesh
Under the illusive wings of death


In Embers Of Infernal Greed

By dawn's early light
I see no end to the
Dark obsession
I am swallowed by night's
Infernal dream profession
O sea of fire, all hatred's desire
Thy abhorrent cremation
Sparks in my eyes
Forces generates from
The bottomless pits
of detestation

Under the delusion of hatred
The becoming of a
malignant tormentor
In a spell of
Symptomatic madness
I identify with aggressor
This world will become
Infernal land
A violation of harmony
As I kill with a psychic command
Destruction let all pain fly free

The metamorphosis
From man to beast

In the darkened
Network of the mastermind
Evil is blooming in the shades of divine
For within every seed
There is a promise
Of abomination
In my heart's enigma,
Man is an anathema

I am a resistance fighter
Not by choice but by destiny
Evil is a pure exciter
When I dwell in embers
Of infernal greed

Fire of blasphemy,
Evil against all energy

I rise from the darkened soil
With a craving to ingest
Where moonlight ever
Shall infest

In my heart's enigma
Man is an anathema
In embers of infernal greed
The yawning abyss of madness

Again I drift the halls
Of wondering
The black castle of solitude
On the very edge of sanity
In mental cryogenic interludes

I have slipped into the seventh circle of hell
In realms where deadly shadows infest every cell
Internal ceremonies
In ritual death!
External bleedings for the demon of madness
Hide from the torture of the dazzling light
The demolition voice shall speak tonight

While I'm staring down into the darkest pit
An ocean black as the night
So infinite deep and consuming
It swallows all life force with might

Again I drift the halls
Of wondering
As I focus for the
Darkness to come
In anguish minds uplift
The conquering
To cross the line of death beyond

Internal ceremonies
In ritual death
External bleedings for
The demon of madness

An abstract reality and
Bottomless insanity
To search for the
Powers to please
The subconscious spirit
Of disease
Time found no remedy
Cause winds of darkness
Was stealing me

The Yawning Abyss Of Madness

A cryptic slaughter by hate
Darkness is the only survivor
As evil dominion terminate

Behind the sealed door
To imagination
I sense the voices of devastation
Dementia praecox
A cascade of dark emotions
An ominous silence imprisons me
With disfigured landscapes

The winds that carry
This esoteric call
Emerges from the dungeons
Underneath my soul
As I cross the bridge
To that darkness
My eyes are filled with
So much death