KULT OV AZAZEL - Triumph Of Fire

Triumph Of Fire

Fall with me, the condemned to be
The heavens bleed, a sight to see
The pleasures of pain, before this night
My dark and hateful

To see them scream
To stand the suffering
The shattering of their dreams
Hail him our majesty

Ignite the fires
Blaze the skies
Stain their souls
God is dethroned

Lies - spit unto your
Mind - of the fallen
Death - we will see who conquers who

Chaos - the wind whispers
Order - enslaved by the
Trance - you will do what your new god has told you to

Kill - Life
Cold - Void
Rise - In Anger
Greet the gates

I have seen the shades of shadows The tales of past
The triumph of fire

Of fire
Shall rise
Come summon
The horned one

I have seen the shades of shadows
The tales of past
The triumph of fire

I will see the dead and wasted land
Hang the whore that provoked the autumn storm
What will be, the slave of night
Will cry for my black destiny

To Death, to pain, the hungry - flames of eternity

Destruction To The Throne Of God

Renounce the putrid body of christ
The one condemned to wear a crown of thorns

Praise be given to the great Black Goat
Faceless one that walks in the night

Fires forever burn in the heavens
Our war on humanity has just begun

Fall of the angels - Rape the virgin pure
Evil of Ancients
Fall of the angels - god's death has come
In Nomine Satanas

Show thy will unto the world
Smite the herd with hammer and claw

Hold high the sign of Satan
Through hell we are the unholy ones

Bring forth the pestilence of a thousand young
And destroy the holy cross

Fall of the angels - Heaven still bleeds
Summon the demons
Fall of the angels - Fires still burn
Rege Satanas

Death shall come to those that follow the light
Do as thy wilt shall be the whole of the law

Fall of the angels
War has been won
Slaughtered holiness
Destruction to the throne of god

Unholy massacre of evil enthroned
God is dead and so it is done

My Misanthropy

Cut my wrists with laughter and pleasure
Slit my flesh for my own wasted mind
To Satan I offer thee
For what once was, and what I could be

Bloodstained eyes
Written by my demons
Take no disguise

In my own blood I draw the symbols of memories
My own disease
Take forth the shell that once breed the parallels of infinity
My own divinity

My misanthropy

When - will my restless journey begin
Night - will conquer with the enslaved ghosts of


In my own blood I draw the symbols of memories
My own disease
Take forth the shell that once breed the parallels of infinity
My own divinity

In the woods with silence and serenity
My hatred for humanity
Guide the blade, fuck you
I'll Spill my blood just to despite you

My misanthropy

To The Cold Beyond

In the winds of obscurity
Bring forth the dungeon that the unclean spirits can claim
I want the key to the portals that made my insanity

I know the halls of fire will guide me

An abstract reality

The voices whisper and swirl past me like a black trip of ecstasy

I live for the fire and blasphemy

Within a land possessed by horror

Take my hand and come with me
The unholy ruins will read our black destiny

We will vomit in the face of the holy
(The burning cries)
Deception and lies will become your own enemy

The truth is obvious
Death is our sign above
We will be victorious
To the cold beyond

In The Plagued Realm

This force is pulling me
Of what should and will not be

In this world 
The hate will fill
The truth above 
To what is real

Abandon me
Embrace me
And laughter

I will see entrancement in your eyes
For with thy might comes forth to dominate this world

The Wisdom
This cursed soul
Yearns for the end

Shadows take the dark form in your eyes
There must be, and shall be blood on the plagued

No, It can't be
The spirit world of forgotten wars
March through the burning flames of cries
In this ecstasy of pain (the horned one prevails)
Called life

Black Death
Forgotten Realm

Why, me
The black force of illusions are pulling and scratching me

I stand bleeding 
In the veins of our mother scorched


Legions Unleashed

Immortal beloved
Immortal grim
I am the cold
I am the dead

Kill him
The holy
I want - the whore to cry
Watch while the red sky burns
Through the blood of (the) dead
Wage war - torch the heavens

Grim horde
Summon - the goats that hate him
Condemn him - await the beheading
Bastards - we'll bathe in blood
Wage war - torch the heavens

In the black flames of the night, all that is holy will be destroyed

I will see your god, fuck and destroy your -
Will, is raped and left, watch while I piss on his corpse

Eternal damnation
Will prevail
No longer enslaved am I

Embraced by the sign of evil, join our legions for the sacrifice of the whore's child

Altar Of Satan

Lamb of Jesus
Your death I have seen
Goat of Satan
Your blood washed me clean

And now I can praise you
Till I die
I am lord, I am king
God is a lie

Through the rites of Lucifer
Pleasure is pain

Inverted cross pointing to hell
Our sacrilege reigns

Hear the names of Abaddon, Dagon, Sekhmet

Reborn through Blasphemy,
Within the Black Flame

At the altar of Satan
In the days of darkness
The lord lies dead

Before the sign of hell
The flag of hate is raised
Underneath the black mark
Demonic wrath is waged

Death to all
War for blood
And blood will spill
In Nomine Dei Nostri Satanas 

Through the rites of Lucifer
Pleasure is pain

Inverted cross pointing to hell
Our sacrilege reigns

Hear the names of Valefor, Belial, Zepar
Reborn in Blasphemy,
Ordained by Baphomet

At the altar of Satan
Glory in the power of darkness
Power through Satan

Aether Cries

Banished from a kingdom
Fools, they lie dead

Turn Black
Blood will be shed
With tears of lust
Of pain in your existence

I will see you suffer
I, and pain, we bleed, from light, as one

Mist from your breath
Sweat with blood
Tastes of vengeance
For terror and tears

The sky cries...
My soul can express
No more pain
For these black tears of rain

The sky is left with scars the sun will die

Embrace The Burning

Ridden with plague
Black Blood
Tears of eternity fade

I search the winding mazes
With the glazed eye's of evil
The stench of death lingers eternally
To inhale its rush for pain

We hail the dark flame

(The) marks on the wall will tell you
(The) screams for justice through pain
I drown the holy cross
With the venom of my hate

Am I dying?
Embrace the burning
Through the red walls
Forever to be

I am

Blood stained
Ridden with plague
Black blood
(Tears of) eternity fade

The prophecy of genocide

I want to see the heavens
Survive in a world of hate
We will set them on fire
With our legions rage

Crown Of Fire

Greed, Sacrifice
Distrust, oath broken

In your own ashes
Suffer, more than I have suffered
Awake from your evil dream
Pain is endless

Crown of fire - I am the hunter
Crown of fire - I am the hunted

Now I have risen 
To, take the crown of fire
From my victims brow
To rule...