KULT OV AZAZEL - Oculus Infernum

Rex Infernus In Excelsis

Rise - Seven heads of blasphemy
Attack - On wings of anarchy
Guarded - By the armor of Baphomet
Destroy - The heavenly hierarchy

Enshrouded by darkness 
Blessed in sin 
I hold the keys to death and hell
Born in fire 
Bonded by blood 
Spawned beneath the devil's mark
Empowered by wrath 
Son of revenge 
Before your death you'll live torment
Those saved by the lamb shall be torn by the beast
On earth as it is in hell, there will be no reprieve
From the abyss I rise
To claim my crown 
(As) heir to Infernal Majesty
Deliver your death. 
Carnage by ritualistic means
Defile holy temples 
(The) flames of glory burn within ash
Ascending my throne. 
Trampling upon the inferior cross of Christ
His flesh denied (the) filthy prophet of life
I bring world demise to take what's mine
Angels will die (Behold) your savior sacrificed
Destroyed by hordes of demonic warriors
Apocalypse for hell's first born
I curse you all to eternal damnation
Aligned with evil by hell 
Summoned forth from chthonic lands
In league with Satan 
Assassin of light 
To rule a kingdom without end
Destroyer to man 
Lord of this world 
King of hell in the highest form

Revelations Reflected From A Dead Jehovah's Eyes

Possessed - conquer all that was
Drowned in ancient flames 
Buried deep within
The vision still bleeds 
Seek proud and full of sin
Bleed for me 
Hunting through flames
Murder edged the storms
Kill the sacred whore
My godless noose is armed with razored spite
Revelations are reflected from the dead jews eyes
The kingdom of the dead will arise
Destiny is mine; 
I must quench the infernal desire
The burning eyes of night 
They tell the cold, the grim
Bitter tears blacken our perception
The cries have become hoarse from time
Witnessed genocide
Crescendo ed maddening screams
Into other dreams riddled with disease
The distant shores lie bodies that feed the blood red sea
We reap from blasphemy 
Your god's tragedy
A coarse hierarchy is my destiny

The Oracle Of Annihilation: Eradicating Sanctimonious Existence

Our black altar is your world
Your blood our sacrifice
Your lord our enemy
Our sanctity is your death
On this night we call on thee
Extinction through Annihilation
Come now, manifest and appear
Bring forth human devastation
The cries of the faithful are silenced by diabolical might
Holy faith lays slaughtered viewed through bloodstained eyes
Holiness dies 
Destroyer's of life
Purity torn 
Anointed in scorn
Power be to that which makes us stronger
All the weak will be left here to suffer
Desecration of the Divine Liturgy
Shattering all spiritual validity
Cursing the holy name of trinity
Summoning destructive forces to end humanity
The oracle of Annihilation
Eradicating sanctimonious existence
Holiness dies 
Destroyer's of life
Purity torn 
Anointed in scorn
Expunging the existence of the bastard Christ
Death consumes the masses, there shall be no reprieve
Your god is dead 
Your religion destroyed
Faith has been shattered 
By the legions of hell

Anguish Brought To Heaven

Drink the wine of angles blood 
Drawn from the virgin's cunt 
I have seen blood of the holywashed on shores next to fallen kingdoms 
Armies of Darkness, Legions of demons 
Pleasure their master with conquered holy ruins
Priests will die Eternal flames unite 
Writhing earth brings divine night 
Christ is dead 
Destruction brings
With strength and power 
Armageddon crushes the light 
Relentless fury, world sacrificed the death is justified through your god's demise 
With razors poised the wolves will gather with blood pouring from the sky 
Our reign will not forgive the lambs of Christ, 
Our last sacrifice will be landscapes come to life 
A world of Blasphemy and endless time 
The horned master saw the vision through wine: drawn from

Haunting chanting, hymns to the fallen triumph and destroy, heaven is on fire 
Cursed to inherit, your burnt
Broken gates, the angles lie dead impaled with brokenwings 
Shadow bring ash on the throne, destruction by legions summon the rituals 
Sacrificed and sodomized, we are the tormentors, anguish brought to heaven 
Christ is denied 
All hail the mighty Tyrants black destiny 
To mega therion heavens upheaval 
Father of vengeance Arts brought by atrocity 
Visions brought the inferno, twilight brought the bloodbath 
Drink the wine of angles blood 
Drawn from the virgins cunt 
Darkest nights 
Eclipse pollutes the sky 
Chaos storms have just arrived 
Warlust untamed 
Still they are blind 
The visions bring forth the black horned goat: ...

Invoking The Infernal Majesty

Extinguished all. 
The scripts lost prayers Death to all; 
The Cadence marches on 
From the dark hills that harbor 
Infested minds internal contracts 
His majesties royal ash 
Commands the fallings will
Infernal Majesty I invoke thee, take my offering 
Ceremonies celebrated with flames 
The lambs are our slaves 
Blood traces thin symbols of blasphemy 
Pain invoked reign, corpse pound black arts decorate 
Endless storm the angles fall once more 
Subconscious worlds, align empty skies 
Dark matter rise 
To the fallen we praise
Invoking the Infernal Majesty 
Black Skies summon flames upon the heavens 
Dark matter rise 
Ceremonies celebrated with flames 
The lambs are our slaves 
To the fallen we praise 
Invoking the infernal majesty 
With broken wings, darkness brings 
Death (for) centuries 
Seasons of doom, conjure this black trip 
Broken chains, holding back the thrones' seeds 
Prophecies, take from through the dark realities


Oculus Infernum

Within this pain lies no salvation 
Impurity strengthened by mutilation 
Branded by wrath of ageless pyres 
Excrement's of purgatorial: fire 
Endless lashes across Christian flesh 
With sick instruments of suffering 
Forged from the bones of their own master 
Malevolence will never be condoned 
Void - horror 
Hell: Black vomit dungeon 
Punishment is now a forever sanction
No repentance, worthless flagellation 
Void - horror 
Abyss: Oculus Infernum 
Scarred, burnt, an Esoteric coat of rust 
Carnished chrome cuts through holy crown 
Mangled catastrophe, rivers of carnage 
Tied down, strung up, hung from inside out 
Void - horror 
Hell: Sodomy and Suffering punishment is now a forever - sanction 
Clench the wheel, taste the flame 
Void - horror
Abyss: Oculus Infernum 
Within this pain lies no salvation 
Impurity strengthened by mutilation
Branded by wrath of ageless pyres 
Excrement's of purgatorial: fire 
Into the eye of Hell
In a gathering of horns 
Into the eye of Hell the tormentorium is born 
With iron blades of hate we split open the hopeless hearts of God 
Raped and racked: resistance dies by suffocation
Blasphemy and sickness hails - leads to reign of perversion 
Sick act after another, 
Christendom is forever imprisoned 
Torn from within - throats removed 
The bastard prayer spoken no more
No purity dwells within caustic blades 
That skin and sever books of sacred beliefs 
Void - Horror 
Hell: charred Eucharist Punishment is now a forever - sanction 
Sermon of torture: holy genocide
Void - Horror: Oculus Infernum

Mark Of The Devil

Sworn to evil 
Enemy of God 
Baptized in fire 
Blessed by hell 
Spawned by hate through demonic birth 
Raised by fiends of the pit 
Put on earth to ruin mankind
Crowned prophet of death

666 is my mark 
Vowed to destroy 
The armies of Christ

I bring eternal suffering 
Your lord I will dispose 
To see sheep of Christ crushed
The self destruction of his whores 
Your worthless savior will be extinct 
When time
Comes for your mortal end 
With power from the realms of hell
I conjure forth the hordes to do my bidding on earth 
As I execute my plans of war

I have come to destroy your world
Mark of the devil 
The number of might 
Behold the image 
Of the fallen Christ
With spite and vengeance I plague humanity 
Through abhorrence the flag of hate is raised 
Immersed in blood upon the empty coils 
Battered and slaughtered by legions of hell

666 Is my mark 
Forever empowered 
By the devil's mark

Christ has fallen 
Indeed he has fallen
Slaughterer to men holy lies 
Blasphemed with the sign of Satan 
Jehovah's clan will die 
Renouncing the trinity of lies 
World is shattered by the majesty of thy glory 
Torture, molested by satanic force 
Sadistically torn apart
Eliminated piece by piece 
Underneath the Devil's mark

Perpetual Demise Of The Bastard Son

The Virgin's child 
We'll destroy 
Your paradise 

Storming forth on Baphomet commanding hordes of blasphemy 
Annihilating the holy three 
The Trinity of Mockery 
Summoning Death our hate breeds war 
Spilling the blood of Jehovah's whores 

The son of god will be exposed 
No more will a bastard be adorned 
Desecration of pious lives 
Elimination to the flock of Christ 
Under the sign of Azazel 
We wage unholy war!!! 
We blaspheme thee 
Cursed fucking deity 
Your name will be destroyed
Henceforth and forever more: 
Rege Mortalis Letum!!!

Storming forth on Baphomet commanding hordes of blasphemy 
Annihilating the holy three 
The Trinity of Mockery 
Summoning Death our hate breeds war 
Spilling the blood of Jehovah's whores

Genocide Of holy life 
Conquered by Infernal might 
By the virtues of Hell victory shall be done 
God's creation lay wasted by scorn 
Extermination of the righteousness 
Conjuring warriors from the Abyss 
The flesh of Christ has been denied
Through slaughter of Christian life 
Butchered in the triumph of sacrilege 
Complete death to all that is pure 
We renounce thee 
Wretched Nazarene 
Crushed by the diabolic force 
Powered through misanthropy 
Destruction of innocent flesh and blood - 
For the:
Perpetual Demise of the Bastard Son