In the Plagued Realm

This force is pulling me
Of what should and will not be

In this world 
The hate will fill
The truth above 
To what is real

Abandon me
Embrace me
And laughter

I will see entrancement in your eyes
For with thy might comes forth to dominate this world

The Wisdom
This cursed soul
Yearns for the end

Shadows take the dark form in your eyes
There must be, and shall be blood on the plagued

No, It can't be
The spirit world of forgotten wars
March through the burning flames of cries
In this ecstasy of pain (the horned one prevails)
Called life

Black Death
Forgotten Realm

Why, me
The black force of illusions are pulling and scratching me

I stand bleeding 
In the veins of our mother scorched

Symbionic 666

Our power is one
Red eyes of hate march onward
Pulse of fear is thick with pain

Fear turned to hate, my misery
Lust, for death with perverted praise

In, my, own ashes
I stand here, without a soul

Gag on your own vomit - blood tainted
Eye's full of blood - glazed stare
Awake to the world - as black as night
Hail him your new creator - the mech world

Lost... plagued... broken...

No more control 
Your host has taken over
Symbionic 666

Fear turned to hate, my misery
Lust, for death with perverted praise

What have you taken
Alone with death surrounding

I have been possessed - Satan
Awake to the world - as black as night
Rid this disease - festering
Death is only the beginning

Lost, plagued, and broken

Destruction To The Throne Of God

Renounce the putrid
Body of christ
The one condemned
To wear a crown of thorns

Praise be given
to the great Black Goat
Faceless one
that walks in the night 

Fires forever burn
in the heavens
Our war on humanity
has just begun

Fall of the angels - Rape the virgin pure
Evil of Ancients
Fall of the angels - god's death has come
In Nomine Satanas

Show thy will
unto the world
Smite the herd
with hammer and claw

Hold high the sign
of Satan
Through hell we are
the unholy ones

Bring forth the pestilence
of a thousand young
And destroy
the holy cross

Fall of the angels - Heaven still bleeds
Summon the demons
Fall of the angels - Fires still burn
Rege Satanas

Death shall come
to those that follow the light
Do as thy wilt
shall be the whole of the law

Fall of the angels
War has been won
Slaughtered holiness
Destruction to the throne of god

Unholy massacre
of evil enthroned
God is dead
and so it is done

Forever Heaven Gone

Red walls drip the blood of jesus christ denied
He's in your head
Now... Die

Weep for your god's throne
He is a lie
With this fear
Day of darkness, Arise...

All life is pain
Forever, deny
Engulf my hate
In this never ending 

Forever... Heaven... Gone...
We... Want... Jesus... Dead...

Thoughts of a new life come together
I want to see Satan laughing
For this new millennium dying

Lie, dead, facedown, ashamed for he is the king of the Jews...