KROHM - A World Through Dead Eyes

I Suffer The Astral Woe

Soaring with eyes, where morning never comes
and the eternal black, melts with infernal suns
creator of creators, rip me from this breathing shell
with the wisdom of origin, to wear your cosmic skin
with me a am my own, and in all I am within
I travel the astral depths, on the winds of expansion
I am of a race unbound, from this eartly grasp
I am one who carries, the burden of endless sorrow

A Lurking Dream

From a dream I made you, in the restless night
from whence I crawled, into your sight
above the door, under your bed
I am all the things, that make you dead
the lurking madness, of thoughts blood red
an insect's nest, inside your head
remember me, when you feel joy
the faintest love, I shall destroy
remember me, in every dream
for I am you, not what you seem
I am what makes, the flesh you feel
there is no difference, in what is real

The Waning

These eyes have wept, torrents of years
the sence of wonder, slowly slipping away
the love that embodied, this false serenity
was no more tragic, than my illusion
the call beyond the veil, from the orchards of limbs
and gently violent spirals, were thoughts are born
you possess the answer to it all!
a soul on the wane, that is the price of life
for I will come to you, ultimately alone

When Morning Never Returned

From towers of sleep, down coiled steps
I slowly descend, to my oneiric dungeons
knowing that i walk to meet my shadow, 
and greet pure anguish, pure desecration
I reach an alcove lit by a strange moon, 
where a familiar body lays on the ground
what secrets have brought me here?
(only the breathing trees can know...)
the crystal vision shatters into reflections of frozen blood
as the knife in my hand, reveals the final moment
( the forest, you will die...) 
and the dead rejoice with glee, 
for the night has bestowed their coldness in me!

A World Through Dead Eyes

I rained down as a silent sound, 
from abysmal skies that own my torment
when the spoils of youth return, 
from the black center of buried agony
I've arrived from the other side, 
to see the world through dead eyes 
(fading in the gray light of desperation)
I search for my human form, beyond vast, ungodly graves
but the heart recedes further, 
in the twilight of a forebording dream
a black mantle of nothingness, 
overtakes the last glimmer of hope
as tragedy waits to unfold, 
like a deamon on my shoulder
my tales of of pain and unsettled grief, 
shall be told in the howl of strong winds
like sordid uncertainty crawling, 
the horns rise toward chaos and unrest


Silence Turns To Gray

When emotions fade, and silence turns to gray
the cold caress of lunacy, wipes the gleam away
awakening to the black wall, a dream of grieving ghosts
no memories of thoughts, recapture what i've lost
here is no strength left but to leave this trance, 
and step beyond this world
beyond this present time, as rust is the gold
on the throne of the enslaver, 
death is the life of my bleak existence

My Hearse

Along comes my hearse, marked with contempt
silent about, its rotting descent
fickle the flame, as chill it brings
tired and weary, as the raven sings
my time has come, and bitter is the taste
my time it seems, is met with haste
so carry me softly, with your gentle sway
back to the womb, in the earth I lay
grieve me not, I have no remorse for I have arrived...