KROHM - Crown Of The Ancients

Veneria's Call

Awaken me with your embrace
And envision me in your opal eyes
See me through all possible incarnations
To my final resting place

Infectuous fire, purge and release
Even when my cold skin pales
My boiling veins you'll tap
With your gentle spikes

So kind with your cruelty
You are rapturous romance
So vividly faint
You elude my very soul to tears...

Psychic Pandemonioum

Hidden within the raven's eye
Resides a majestic black maelstrom
An iridescent vortex of delirium 
abashed in deathless creation

The veils throb with visceral indignation, 
revealing the angry space between the stars.
Their seething terror forms out of reversed realities 
where our gods become prey.

By the sardonic Hammer 
By the jaws of Leviathan.
even the last dying wish 
is eradicated from the ethereal

Subtle murmurs that disturb life, 
inevitable paroxysms return once again;
We never dreamed it could be this way. 
We should have left it alone...

Crown Of The Ancients

Overwhelming infinities
Take me to an oneiric abyss
Where the winged snake rides
The Chaos that preceded time

Herein I dwell in a speck of ash
In the remains of a raging war
When parasitic monsters once clashed
And from destruction came creation

To ponder their omnipotence
Is to leave our human shells
And ride the glorious tide
Of the Chaos Sea