KATHAARIA - Promo 2000

Illumination Breed

In longing for transcendence
seek reason of existence
beholding the critical mass
a life long ordeal

to keep my mind sane
neglect all mortal values
yet idle hands still hold the key

Illumination means to sense thy presence
Oh thou of ancient grace and timeless wisdom
Far away from tomorrow, no single trace of the past
no distinct shape, not least human
enlighten my weary soul

Ostracised is the blemished world
mockery upon the sheep
vanished shall all burdens be
as the tides of time will turn

Once petrified
a sharp bird moves splendidly towards the sky

Malicious Grim Spirit

Wretched is my call
I am the thorn in your rose
I am your dreadful nightmare 
I've tasted from the unclean host
You soon shall fall unto me!

Devastating anger, fullfillment through hate
stripped of any sanity, merciless will depraved
consumed by desolation, fierceness is my engine
surrender to fornication, hail the art of sin!

When my eyes are out of tears
No emotions left to feel

Swallowed by the abyss of ecstacy
tempted by the kiss of shame
grim malicious lunacy, finally unfolding the veil
inhale deep now the wind of the apocalypse!

Arrows of doom, soaked in wrath
covered in foam, destined to hunt down my prey
My bloodlust never to be quenched 
my hunger never to seize
I'm in pain, therefore I am...
Malicious Grim Spirit

Chamber Of Spirits

In the chamber of spirits, conjuring the unseen
approaching the hour, now come forth!

A once forgotten mansion built on forbidden soil
a shelter to the unblessed, a palace to the damned

Mystification in the chamber 
where once the coven dwelleth to celebrate goat

A ghastly glowing dominates the room
out of a shining fog an apparition now taking shape

Hear the spirits whistling with the wind
see the spirits' silhouettes hiding in the mist
doing penance for all their countless sins
carving for salvation as the seance proceeds

Distant voices gargling a thousand names
without reminiscence they're cursed to haunt this place
anticipated is the call of the howling jackal
another night has found it's end...


Adversary to utopia, opposite to the trinity
as the sears of time reveal the divine
access to rapture, key of aeons to come
eminent abstraction in enochian delight

Oh bringer of light, luciferian ram
grant me comfort and strengthen my will to power

Lying in wait to unleash trapezohedran secrecy
superior manifest hidden within 
scriptures of angeltongue

As I interrupt my mindstream, 
Samnu taking hold of me
ineffable pride, trembling with might,
the passage is thine
Rejoice - adepts of truth, 
follow the stars, towards the dell
inevitable subversion
putrid are the remains of sacred demise

A snakebite kiss concludes the trial
reinstate through perseverance 
matter and motion are (as) one
adopting the highest degree
flames soar, thunder cracks
absolution is achieved

Angeltongue - key of aeons to come
Angeltongue - continual lore
...of purest Angeltongue...