ISCARIOT - Feasting Supremacy

Verboden Vrucht

Geen verleiding zonder lichaam
geen deugd zonder schavot
Voldoening vrucht van zonde
Onvervreemdbaar het genot
Naakte wens van de gedachte
in stromen langs haar dij
Vlees dat dorstig lijkt en maakt
naar haar liefdesvuur voor mij
Een schreeuw van het geweten
verstomt als het dier ontwaakt
Het serpent wiens dodelijk gif
naar verboden vruchten smaakt
Gepassioneerd in de extase
van een verzengend hete nacht
drinken we het zoete vocht
tot de kille dood ons wacht
Wraak van de Voorzienigheid
gebroken maar niet gezwicht
Verbannen uit deze wereld
een glimlach op m`n gezicht


Lying naked on a soaking wet shroud her fingers penetrate the earth
Screams drown in the patter of rain as the wind is laughing out loud
Listen to the angels'choir singing tones I'll never phrase
Sweetness prevails, though not for you
A sinner can't help his fall from Grace
Little girl with mud in the mouth how endearing to see you cry
Wish to kiss your lips and stroke your hair but I'm afraid you'll have to die
You beg your God to send me to hell
Oh you taste like dirt to me

A staggering icon stained with fear a docile puppet can never be free
How searing the gaze of resignation cannot close my eyes
Neither blood nor tears in all their splendour
can extinguish the cauterize
Burn from me the tempting shell until there's nothing left but...

Wrath from inside, drips down on you
arms wide open for whatever comes your way
Reign in a pool of dirt in which you'll drown, in which you'll rot
Arms wide open for whatever comes your way

It's in my hands to write tragedy in naked flesh
to pour into relief, glide through deepest fears
Like a serpent, passioned by life it takes
As your body rises and your eyes ask me why...
I realize that even the wrath of your God couldn't satisfy me more

The Vulture

Live and let live, I'm not to blame my meat your poison,
call it nature
Unknown or dead, it's just the same
and your tears aren't that bitter
Salvation lies within my name
Remember, we're unforgiven
The wheel of fortune, it stopped turning
Face the cruelty of time Will it be forever burning?
The bells of death won't fail to chime
I want you to be my supper every bite will cleanse your soul
Admit, you`re down on your upper
Will it be rotting in a hole?
The languishment, how unthoughtful
Your pathetic life doesn't compensate the need I feel to allay my hunger
I devour, exceptions can't be made
Me, the only witness of your struggle as you're hanging on a rope
praying I'll be sitting on your gallows
A quick death, that's truly what I hope...

A God Ablaze

As I thought, almost human closed the gateway, heard them scream
Tried to see all those thousands chilly eyes that made it seem
the surplus of my creation moaning for a place outside
Broken nails and bloody fingers danced on wood through the night
Lust and desire, it's like heaven to me
Barbed wire and torture, fear the God I can be
A little weird, change of seasons
How sweet the way they fell so deep
Children's cries and widows' gall still smell an odour in my sleep
Their despair, so small and paltry should I dance a Godly dance?
Kissed my hands and cut off their's immortality feels so intense
In a dream, a cry to be, fire in my eyes
A God alone, a God ablaze, a God like a fallen sun
Envy me, mortal man, see the fire in my eyes
The narcissistic failure, ignorant, far from sour
continues his way to what is called heaven
I'll defy the joys of man I'll deny the pleasure in their simple little thoughts Enlightened me, fortunate me
Thirst and hunger completing wrath
Arms raised, knees grazed I'll be referred to as their father