INQUISITION - Invoking The Majestic Throne Of Satan

Hail The King Of All Heathens

Followers of heathen culture, gather!
Now is the time to unite. 
We are the sons of a true god, 
mighty creator of our race. 

Elements of nature grant us wisdom, 
domination, power and control. 
Those are the ways of survival 
for existence of the wolven breed. 

Ceremonies of the heathens, 
deep inside a mystic temple. 
Voices of an ancient cult 
are chanting to the hymns of night. 

Worshipping the moon in the darkness 
far in a land of solitude. 
Summoning the ancients of Woodlands. 
Summoning the demons of the sea. 

Dressed in a shiny black robe I uphold a torch. 
All in the name of my master 
ruler of the underworld of fire. 
Lord of the strong and the brave 
your arrival I await. 
King of the heathens, I sing to thee! 

Hail... Lucifer 
Hail... Abaddon 
Hail... Beelzebub 
Hail... Satan