INQUISITION - Into The Infernal Regions Of The Ancient Cult

Unholy Magic Attack

Sing the Song of the seven Winds as I spit the Dragons Fire. 
I summon deities of Hate through unholy Magic Spells. 
Surging unto the cosmic realms in the search of ancient moan. 
From the chasms of Asmodeus storm of chaos shall unleash. 
Chanting under skies of titan moons invoking solitary demons 
Wicked screams rising from a thousand thrones 
shadows covering temples of doom 

Oh! How I bleed, my blood summons the Black Lord eyes so bright, 
Black Sky lighten from the evil horned moon. 
Unholy Magic Attack Roll the drums in Satanas name 
Infinite spells of hate I cast from my moon throne. 
Chanting words of doom to enemies of mine 
Attack With Might Unholy Victory! 

The Shadowed One Shamdon,
Shamdon the Evil One Ashtart,
Ashtart the Fire Son Berith,
Berith the Evil Duke

Those Of The Night

Storms of Fire 
Bring my master 
Winds of Evil 
Bring my master 

Summoning the Ancient of doom 
Calling from the shadows of dawn 
Standing on the altar of stone 
Raising Satans Legion up high 
Gathered in the Ancient Woodlands 

Celebrating seeds of all sin 
To the sounds of Hell in the lonley Night 

Those of the Night, so full of Might 
Like the darkest dreams, so unreal but true.

Black Spriest speaks 
All Hail Thee! 
Bring to me Blasphemy 
Chanting to the Bringer of Sin 

Serpent God Below 
Hiding in the veil of black 
As the mighty Legion attacks 

Those of the Night, so full of Might, 
Like the Darkest dreams, so unreal but true.

The Initiation

Hidden Secret Sabbat 
summoning my name on my way to Satan to give the kiss of shame. 
Flaming Pagan fire burning high at night 
Wild copulation in the full moon light 
Atmosphere so wicked as the mass begins 
Deep in side the forest where the Dark Lord regions 
I renounce the God of the Christian faith 
I deny the virgin and trample on the cross 

Oh!Master grant me your knowledge 
Oh!Master grant me your power 
Take me and teach me your ways 
I will serve you forever with human blood 
I sign my secret name in the book of shadows 
I will now remain invocation chanted standing in a circle 
in the name of Satan ceremony ends.

Empire Of Luciferian Race

Pagan Ones Rise... 
Satans Sons Rise... 
Shields and Swords Rise... 

Sounds of War 
Destroy realms of Light burning heavens throne reigning ancient ways new world here to stay 
Satan lives, Satan lives, Satan lives, Satan lives 

Red Eye Beast Rise...
Lord of Night Rise...
Fullmoon God Rise...

Black Abyss 
Open Seven Gates stand high knowledge ones Fire summons thee we are the new breed. 
Satan lives, Satan lives, Satan lives, Satan lives. 

Legions marching 
War Drums beating 
Weapons striking 
Christians falling 
New World reigning 
Pagan Victory 

In the name of Satan, Lucifer and Baal 
Hail the ancient and their mighty realm 
I raise the torches flaming high above 
Lord of Nature I worship thee

Hail The Cult

So it is done 
Our Ritual is complete 
We leave the Infernal Regions 
Our Ancient Cult is no longer hidden 
We exit the Ritual chamber