HIDDEN IN THE FOG - Of Hidden Chronicles & Stellar Fires

In Clairvoyant Prophanity

For a myriad ages untold I have seeked for celestial harmony, 
handling star-drawn forces as naught. 
Clothed in a web of illusive shades, 
mocking the nitwits I rode the superior blaze.

The immeasurable cosmos was mine to explore, 
and I wandered trough countless existences. 
Sucking the predacious essence of carnal sin 
I witnessed the vortex of nocuous cruelties.

In all Neptune's tempestuous seas I the scion of the fathomless depths 
was blessed with the solemn gift of unfolding the unconcious mysteries. 
All the secrets yet to unveil by the circles of time became evident before my inner eye... 
And in blasphemic clearness I perceived the penetrating future of our cosmic vehicle.

I may shape the nightly shadows of Mandragora's domain. 
To shelter from the world's sight. 
I may set new limits for my dimensional existence, 
to effortlessly transcend the gates of mortality...

I experienced the spiritual metamorphosis 
which led me to the fundamental antagonism between all infinite cryptic fountains 
and the sightless ignorance of human kind. 
In a world devoured by blindness and falsity the phantom's defying laughter was mine...

(Part two: A new appearance is rising)
Baptized in a fire-ring's flames the cosmic forces still unfold before me. 
An omnipotence obscure to mortal beeings pours through all my innerself. 
I have become the thrice-gifted demiurg, the most ancient eyesight of the universe. 
The unnumbered times I entered the fire of the stars 
finally formed a deep-written stigma into my eternity's appearance.

Of Hidden Chronicles & Stellar Fires

An owl that shriek'd was to give a fearfull night 
whose ebon embrace enshrouds the contours of the scenery. 
To bring the counterfeit of death, 
a gruesome Gorgon to destroy the sight.

O seeling night, scarf up the tender eyes of pitifull day... 
And with thy bloody and invisible hand 
cancel and tear to pieces that great bond!

And I, evok'd by the moon's eclipse, 
to stand aye acursed in the chronicles. 
Fallen like the brightest one - 
to walk upon infected soil... 

Die Nacht verhüllt des Tages Angesicht, 
verdunkelt wird des Waldes Laub. 
Es erliegt des Abends schwaches Licht 
und dunkles Nachtgetier erwacht zum Raub. 

"Where hast thou been, o weird eminence? 
Creator of the crystalline artefacts, 
hast thou handeled thy virtue to rise? 
Verschlossen... in des Äthers sternumglänzten Eis!".

Making war with the children of mankind - 
oft'ner upon their knees than on their feet, 
dying every day they live, 
floating on towards their very end.

Stars hide your fires! 
For no light shall behold the bloody jewel 
taken from the blackend waters of Acheron, 
bearing their obscure grace.

The night is long that never finds the day. 
What grandiose appearance stands close beneath? 
The poor heart would fain deny, 
yet the the eye would fear to see...

My mind bewildered, amaz'd my sight. 
To doubt the equivocation of the fiend. 
Malice drunken from the fountain of treachery. 
Flow! Dark waters...