GRIM LANDSCAPE - Wallachian Visions

Wallachian Visions

Beyond this grim landscape Where all warriors have died
A place full of graves Stones cover of blood
Swords and axes tainted of black Raging to the sky
As we perform ou march Under our banner

I face this macabre sunset Symbol of rebirth
Without brother of crusade A neverending war
For eternity I will worship The gods of war
And into the battlfield I will kill muslims

I am the destroyer of goodness At any move there's only dust
I am the hunter of weakness Raper of gothics on their tombs
Cutting-off the head of god Kiling is my life through hate
Roaming beyond the dark Servant of nebular night

All around my land we Can see his limits
A thousand of infidels Impaled is there
Visions of blood flowing Make me hungry
The only thought I have Is to see them die

Evil Seed On Earth

The black ceremony is now performing by the dark gathering of death
Unholy songs are sung as some grim virgins are making music
Black candles are burning and a cold fog is appearing in the graveyard
I'm opening my coffin's door and rising my bloody head

Worship the force of death covered of blood

A gaze beyond the walls of this black church I kiss my altar of hate
As I start to walk towards my people my servants are kneeled
I vomit my blood which isn't red but black on the face of a virgin
Screaming all the horror she knows O dark lord I'm back again

Into The Deepest Of The Haunted Forest

From a place that I never known
I ear some voices calling to me
Whispers of damnation contaminate the air
I walk a path covered of leafs
All the trees are dying and the wolves are there
Servants of the night watching over me

Into the deepest of the haunted forest 
Where demonic souls appear
And frozen winds blow strong 
As the black moon appearing

I continue my mysterious march
I see the ruins of the forgotten church
Forsaken by christian's on the run
At the gates I can see some ghosts
Waiting for my coming and to bring me
In front of a dark altar

Now I know the mystic secret 
Who sleeps into the deepest of the haunted forest
Forbidden to god and his angels 
Unique point of evil manifestation

I am the representative of the hatred
Condamned to roam on earth
Raping all the virgins and destroying the joy
Children of darkness worshipping my name
My throne is made of bones
I live into the deepest of the haunted forest

A Gaze Through The Mirror

A gaze through the mirror, 
A thousand flames is licking the world
Mankind has failed once again proof of his weakness
An army of demons is walking on the streets of the ancient town
The hellish banner is dressed on blood and bones

A gaze through the mirror, 
Total vision of desolation
Cemetary is appearing, 
Saded souls are coming
Reaper is waiting in league with the ancients gods
A grim ceremony will soon begin

A gaze through the mirror, 
Reflection of my hatred