GREAT VAST FOREST - Where The Warriors Ride...

Masters Of The Old War

Full of hate and carelessness
this will be the army to march
for the land of the noble warriors
in hymns of glories with axes and swords
watered in christians blood

See... they implore for death
but the sufferance
wants to possessed your bodies
your screams hopeless
fortify our spirit for the war

To defend our honour, our land
and to squash our enemies
to create the chaos
and reach the victory
this is the empire that will survive in flames

Listen the sing of the amazons,
in the sound of the trumpets
they call you for fight
with impiety dominate the cold blood
cover the eyes of hate
then is the art of the old war
that burn the soul
of the nocturnal guardians

The flesh contortion
to touch in the wire of the blode
and among the shadows the shoul
of the black crow
annunciate the arrival
of the hordes of the darkness
is the supremacy commins
the pure domination

Majestic South

The angel of the cold light
guide the brightness of my steel
for the infidelity and the freason.
I have devotion to strenght of the evil
and to the majestic gods

I follow this trill way
by the old dominators
The war is thefreedom
of my followers
and we have thirst of glory
for one majestic south

Oh! Impure palace of shadows
you are the portalto my fiancee
of the night

I am your eternal black warrior,
guardian of the wisdom,
master of the infamous orgies
and I load the arrogance
of the blood of my ancestors

Gelidas terras do sul
de vastas florestas
Heranca de Geadas
Ours cold winds blows like voices
coming from a winter land

Imperial Moon

The moons describes
the mournful face
of the goddess lovely
and yours immense pleasures

I follow your light
until the altar of stones

I see the orgy of the witches
and the barbarian warriors
of the darkness
They are the children
of the full moon
at nights of devolution

The imperarial moon
illuminates the ways
of the forest

A gray fog involves
the image of the black castle.
I fell the power of the past.
In sights running through
the walls of the cold castle

Old kings govern
the esoteric power
setting free the black arts
for a night with eternal eclipse

On remains of the temple
my sacred axe of fire cuts the darkness
Then I follow this journey
following your immortal face
in the imperial moon