GRAVELAND - Impaler's Wolves

Impaler Of Wallachia

At the longest fullmoon night
In the castle near the forest
Where the howling of wild wolves
Sounds like music of dark abyss

At midnight wind was blowing
Transylvanian snow was falling
From the bloody womb of woman
Son of dragon was born

Mystic howling in the forest
Spreads the sacred words of evil
"Thou art. Lord of Wallachia,
Thou shalt be the Dracula..."

May this night be eternal
As eternal as his soul
The man with satanic spirits
Became horrified ruler...

By the fire and sword
By the fear and terror
Like wolf thirsty for blood
Vlad destroyed his enemies...

They called him impaler
And they lived in fear
"Blood is life" he said,
And he killed them to live again...

And the night of end has come
They were waiting for his death
Three nights later grave was empty
Vlad became the higher form!

"I am nightmare, warrior spirit
From the house of dead I come
I am darkest force of night
Bloodlust covered my mind..."

In The Northern Carpathians

When the black clouds cover the moon
And reality turns into nightmare
Lighting cuts through the dark sky
Almighty Perun gave us his sign!

Brothers, wolves, I summon you!
Wind will bring you my howling
And smell of the human blood
Yes, I found another sacrifice

Drops of blood upon the stone
I lick the cold virgins corpse
I am blinded by my bloodlust
In the Northern Carpathians

Mystic Eyes between the trees
Brothers hungry for the blood
Through the blood I find desire
The only sense of the evil life

Immortality is true
For the creatures without shadows
There is hell on the earth
In the Northern Carpathians

Unholy woods of mysteries
Alone witches full of hate
Werewolves hidden in the caves
Forgotten spells of pagan past

Long nights and hours of darkness
Cold mountain winds blow through the trees
Diabolic feast around the fire
Dark shadows dancing with flames

There is a place where evil lives
There are woods where people die
At midnight blood is more precious than gold
In the Northern Carpathians