GRAVELAND - Immortal Pride

Sons Of Fire And Steel

Bloody red glow came into sight to brighten
Dance darkness of night up
Gods gave rise to a new war!

This was is not just a war
Today brothers kill each other!
Treason has reared itself a throne
Enemy poisoned our people's souls
By deceit and damnation...

Bloody glows brighten the night up
Echoes brought cry of dying men
We were looking and waiting
Ready to fight
Ready to inflict deadly blows!

Strange god brought treason
Poisinong hearts of many brave warriors!
Every day was bringing pain and disease
Dark clouds covered the sky

Wind brought smell of blood
Dark clouds covered moon up
Our hearts froze
We heard voices of death

Waiting for our day
We prepared sharp arrows and swords
Today Gods give us a sign: 
We can take revenge now

Feeling cold touch of our swords
Enemy will learn what fear is
Let rivers of blood be our work

Strangers brought false faith
They turn against our native Gods
They will be damned forever
And their faith will burn with them in hell!

It is time to leave forest
Daybreak is coming
It is time to start a battle
Under a cover of mourning fog

I heard a voice talking to me: 
Faithfulness is your honour
Songs of fire and steel
Never forget these words

Sacrifice For Honour

Sit down brave warrior!
Your journey is finished
Now you do not have to
Be afraid of guileful foe
You are among old oaks
Protected by holy place

Look at bloody rivers
No rays from the sky come down
Birds do not build nests
Wolves eat rotting carcass
War everywhere!

Warmth of holy fire will heal your wonds
Fire's sheen will bring calm to your soul
Today you are in a holy forest
Where fire blazes fed blood and mead

Your women and children died
Fire destroyed your village
Don't think about pain
They are with you now, here
And they will stay with you forever

Among holy trees
Your guileful foe will never rest
These lands belong to you
Let your foe be damned forever

Look! Your friends betrayed you
Plundering your granary
And greedily dividing your lands
They paid their footing in foe's
Farvour by accepting strange faith
They will die in Swarog's fire!

Strong winds and thunder-storms are coming
Filling your enemies with terror
Because they have treason in hearts and disgrace
And falsehood is their religion

True faith of native land will resist
Bought at the price
Of shed blood of brave warriors
It will return at the full sheen of glory
And then we will return from distant lands
To stand by Perun's side

You were fighting bravely
Spilling seas of blood
Christians will remember your name
And your bloody pitiless deeds!
Be proud!
Gods appreciated your sacrifice!