GRAVELAND - Carpathian Wolves

Carpathian Wolves

Awoken spirits of the carpathian forest come,
hands of the dead beat the kettle drums with wrath.
Wolfish hordes awoken by the fullmoon,
follow the smell of blood and death.

Barbarism Returns

In the glare of furious lightnings 
spell of the damned runic words, 
Altar of uncoagulated blood 
altar surrounding the women wolves.

In The Northern Carpathians

There is a place where evil lives,
There are woods where people die,
At midnight blood is more precious than gold.
In the Northern Carpathians.

Impaler Of Wallachia

At midnight wind was blowing,
Transylvanian snow was falling,
from the bloody womb of woman,
Son of Dragon was born...

Witches' Holocaust

Married to the Fire's Dragon,
You shall go where your sisters has gone
By the torment that becomes the deliverance
by the fire that was your destiny.

At The Pagan Samhain Night

At the pagan Samain night,
I entered the Darkside,
Evil arrived far from the North,
I known the might of Demonlord.

Unpunished Herd

Nights helps us, 
we are unpublished Sons of Fenriz, Son Of Louve
This is the true element of Darkness Wild, unseizable, 
true creation of Gods possessed.

Into The War

The last night has come, 
and dawn will never come
The sound of kettle drums 
spreads the hymn of Hatred
Into the war we come, 
its time of the last battle