GOAT OF MENDES - Hymn To One Ablaze


Entity lustrous from the desert of Seth
Beneath the winged sun, Goatlord Banebdjet
Bare thy ivory breasts, mighty Baphomet
A fiery crown of lotus leaves
Thy wicked smiling head adorns
And curving horns
Into starlit heavens reach

Impaler of Nut
Incarnation of endless fertility
Pangenitor Pan, from the meadows and woods
Asasal, entrapped for infinity

The light gives birth to darkness
And darkness enforces the light
Twin moons of magic shining bright
Above the Goat of Mendes

Reflections Of A Black Seared Heart

Alone and silent
I feel the chilling air
The storm blows violent
The gale wind whips my hair

The darksome night my friend in need
Black blood of anguish my heart shall bleed
Spite and disdain freeze my mind
I feel just scorn for my own kind
There's just hatred - no more love
And as I'm lifting up my head
I hear no laughter from above
Heaven's cold and god is dead

Feel my longing to destroy
All God's creation, it shall fall apart
Share my hatred and enjoy
Hear the reflections of my black-seared heart

By freezing moonlight I watch the skies
Pale stars are gleaming in my cold eyes

When our weak mankind will soon be dead and gone
You'll hear my final howl of triumph

Feel my longing to destroy
All God's creation, it shall fall apart
Share my hatred and enjoy
Hear the reflections of my black-seared heart

Night Of Beltane / A Pagan Lament

The Horned God guards this special night
Our breasts sparkled by the flickering light
We lie by the Beltane fires
As sunlight fades
As one with all nature's beasts
Pagan gods rise
Let us now feast
On our desires

The great Earth-Mother, the god with horns
Heathendom we praise
Our nakedness the sky adorns
With silver moonlights glaze

My body seems enslaved
Next to the fire, I'm falling down
I feed my heart, for what it craves
Witchcraft flows free 'neath midnight's gown

A prophet sober, a festering heart
A loving whore tears us apart
A cross for the fire, and our gods depart 

By the fire we lie
Ecstasy beneath the sky
Dance around, nature-bound, one with the galaxy
Celebrate the first of May with fertility

All witches gather for the great mother
And one upon an oaken throne
Fair maiden, walk by my side
Jump the fire and be my bride
Our faithful coven grants us a year
Wed by nature we'll be

Whence he came he bore the cross
And with it came what he told of, what he held as dearest:
His god 

And this strange harbinger, he had eyes glowing with fire
When he told of god's glorious empire
And we were lost
The cross's shadow silenced all the laughter in the woods
All our love
It denied all our ancient gods
And wiped us...


Crom - Cruach (Maggot Of Time)

Crawling through black space and time
Great worm of Cythrauls putrid heart
Eternal feaster of men
And gods alike

Bloodied maggot from the stars
I summon thee
Suck my enemies into the void

El-Worlds collapse into the astral plane
Unspoken entity
His coils ensnare mortality

Unite - Tribes of the Earth-Goddess
Danu - Embrace our fallen corpses
Carnun - Horned God, all witches' father
Sun god Lug - In thy raging face we'll gather

Skyclad - Warriors enter battle
Daemonkind - Be baptised by shining metal
The Goddess - At dawn her face be stained in gore
Morrigu - Crow of War

Despite - our grim intentions
Defeat looms - by foul spawn from far dimensions
Ceridwen - Deathmother sheds a lonely tear
The timeworm's shape - Rises on this battlefield of fear - No!

A rotten musk tickles my face
All my blood was shed 
Is this finally

As I get sucked back to Cythraul
Carrion for the worm
Earth's denied of any

A Crimson Flood On Frozen Snow

Like skeletal fingers of undying corpses
The black shapes of trees grasp the cloud laden sky
This cold winter night amongst all nature's forces
I spit on this cruel life and lay down to die

And no-one shall witness my peril

The moon's mocking face seems to smile at my anguish
As my hot salty tears melt the cold frozen snow
Soon my blood joins this flood as my body will perish
And will nourish the soil on the ground down below

And the pain of this life is forgotten

The gale nightwind sends shivers of cold down my spine
And it feels like my heart, like a dead lump of ice
Lady, I promised, all my life should be thine
But the gifts that you gave were just pitiful lies

Now watch and collect what is faithfully given

Girl, you revel in beauty, in passionful pleasures
Whilst denying that freaks are able to feel
What remains for myself out of life's golden treasures
Is a small sharpened razor of glittering steel

Thy rememberance will cease with the season

The deep lake's silver mirror shows what I will abandon
A grotesque monstrosity punished by fate
Love is reserved for the fair and the handsome
What's left for a mishappen shape is just hate

And slowly the lake freezes over


Hymn To One Ablaze

And glorious you stand tall
Unbowed despite your fall
And stalk the lamb, your prey
'Til Armageddon day

I obey you - my dreams are soaked in blood
In union - we'll slay the sheep of God
Archangel - my heathen heart be thine
In glory - my lightbringer shall shine

You are eternity
Thy blazing majesty

On Lilith's bosom - I'll rest during the day
Moonblessed Hecate - guides my nocturnal way

Out of the woods our legions rise - And I will beat your drum
An antichristian revolution - we'll purge the hallowed scum

Son, I appreciate your longing for me, and I'll accept
When time and space collide, in darkness we shall rise
So prepare - this joyous battle lies ahead of our hordes
The smoke will clear - victorious we'll prevail

My flaming master - fulfilled my dearest dream
Sweet Satan - Rebel most supreme
So join me - Lucifer, Astaroth, Samael, Baphomet
Belial - Baalzebul, Asmodeus, please guide my way

Unfurl my banner, raise my dark sword - and don't be afraid
My trusted servant, herald the hymn of one ablaze!

I'll be your shadow, the nocturnal stalker, your enemies I'll slay
My dreaded deceiver, my lewd and sweet tempter, the fiend I will obey

Belated Divine Abortion

I watch the brooding skies
All hope is lost
I'm going to end my life
Upon a cross

A crown of thorns I wear
I writhe in pain
I perish slow as a martyr
And die in vain

Oh my God, so dark, the nameless one
Oh father please, help thy son
My God, why did you leave me alone?
Are you still my father?

I don't want to meet a fate
Of this cruel kind
'But you will die for all mankind!'

Why must I sacrifice my life
For other's deeds?
'There must be one scapegoat that bleeds for them!'

Why does a father wish death
For his own son?
'Upon the earth you were abandoned!'

Oh, I can't see why all this has to be
'Trust me, for I am your God!'
'Sacrifice your flesh and blood for me!'
Please answer me, what this fate will mean to me at all?
I want to know for what reason I was born
Only to die forsaken and forlorn?
'You will obey your father's decision!'

Belated divine abortion
A life without a sense

Darkness now embraces me
At the threshold of eternity
I curse God, as heavy thunderclouds gather

As an example how to die
A most senseless way
I will become a God on my own

Succubus, My Betrothed

Flapping wings, glowing eyes
Pointed teeth in a craving smile
Clutched by sin, I will lie
With the lady I obey

Dark clouds passing by
The full moon's wary eye
Observes as we fly
In gloomy midnight skies

The nightflower will flourish just for me
Entwined so deeply in its sumptuous leaves
A blossom in moonlight, carved by its liquid shine
Gaia, Maia, unearthly womb
I crave to vanish into her tomb
Whore of Hades, wench of night
Sinful mistress, nocturnal bride
Her scent of witchcraft, I admire
On crimson lips I'll quench my desire

My damnation I shall find
Temptress of all Demonkind
Amidst the burning pentagram
She unlocks her dark dominion
So take my soul, where no mortal eyes can see
Unveil to me all hell's mysteries

My sweet betrothed, Ill be your groom
Sinister bride, my harbinger of doom
The darkness, the shadows, the power, the glory
Forge them all! I sense my swelling greed
Temptation, Damnation, ecstatic sensation
Her gate is open wide, promising everything I need

You're the only one for I will fall
Whore of Babylon - eat my soul
Heave in sinful shivers, feel me deep
Liquid fire's emanating in thee

Queen of lust, Darkness I entwine
Succubus, lure me in a love malign


Velvet dreams of ebon darkness
Swirling like shadows, sepulchral and warm
Nightborn phantoms rend me painless
To a thousandfold aspects of blackness I'm torn

Sands of time are running backwards
To ages enshrouded by vast cloaks of gloom
Translucent tnedrils stretching outwards
Transcending the threshold of yesterday's doom

I wander landscapes godforsaken
Though crosses loom into an uncaring sky
Corpses decay 'long the paths I had taken
For sins born out of their hearts they had died

Ash clouds on red horizons gather
Emitting from stakes illuminating the night
For spirit, son and holy father
Their hot, cleansing fire's devouring my bride

The saviour's sheep now flock the scaffold
Their hypocrite faces are frozen in glee
Witness my loved one's torture untold
Our unison wailing in agony

And as the thirteenth candle flickered
My past life laid plain as a book before me
I'll walk in wrath amongst the wicked
Preach Christendom's fall into eternity

Christendom's Fall

They'll fall! 

Listen up, woeful christians
Your enemies shall speak!

Your belief's an ancient relic
From a long forgotten past
Born of fear and superstition
Only sustained by inqusition

"Take my blood and my flesh -
For you I'll be slain"

What's this for a weird belief
Obsessed by a cross of cruelty
If Christ had been hanged by the throat
Then a Gallow your symbol would be

Suffering and pain is most regarded
Masochism is heavenly rewarded

"Give your life in joy
Embrace eternal glory!
The worse your fate,
Vaster your pain,
Longer you die,
The holier you'll be!"

It's just perverse lie
Just a weird lie
Of a psychotic mind

Pope, you believe you're second just to Christ
Who absent-minded for his 'God' and mankind died
So just let deeds follow up your lies
And like your weakly idol, let yourself be crucified!

Your pride and your lies
A thorn in our eyes

Destiny awaits - we'll not take it any longer
Destiny awaits - opposition's growing stronger
For war - our hearts burning
For war - our hearts blazing

'So let the children come to me!'
We'll restore our kingdom of which we've been betrayed
The Nazarene traitor will meet his final fate
And we're garbed in black - Abysmal hordes

You shall witness utter darkness - our earth has to be
A black orb adorned in sin - in heresy!


The sun is fading into black 
The night dictates my way to feel
Cloaked by history's dusty gown
Old myths appear to me so real

From the ruins, ancient shadows crawl to greet the dawning day
Never heard of, never noticed, the sunlight soon wipes them away

Out of gloomy, haunted keeps tales were told, but never heard
Stories of forgotten times, but no-one wants to read these words

Fairy-tales of merry dances, 'neath the silver full moon's face
Nothing now remains, but memories of the glorious Pagan days

The Earth Mother's sucklings starving on her wrinkled bosom lie
A crone in ragged mourning gown, waiting for her time to die

Children of the mighty ash-tree, world-encircling Yggdrasil
Everlasting leaves have withered, ageless wood has ceased to be

Sun-God Lug, thy rays were burning - say, which raincloud covered thee?
Are thy warriors really beaten by those who love their enemies?

The Horned Hunter sounds the bugle for all heathens' funeral march
As they pass in chains, with heads bowed under Christ's triumphal arch

Subjects to the Pain-Emperor, servants to the thorn-crowned king
Oppressed 'neath the Usurper's throne in eternal suffering

An Anthem to those
Who have been nailed to the Cross
And left there for aeons forgotten