When Heaven Is Falling

Dark are the paths trodden by death
Leading straight through vatican gate
Cherubs and seraphs wil not save the nest

When heaven is falling
And eden is burnt to the ground
Angels are slayed
Death of popist race

Humanity dehumanized
Lost kingdom - Para dies
The lamb's tears won't efface (the) wolfish flames

Warriors of armageddon
Initiating storms of steel
Celebrating holocaust
Eternal death forevermore...

Ashes upon cold and dead earth
Unconditional surrender
Triumph ultima of soul and flesh

Millennium Of Revenge / Jerusalem In Ashes

War has been declared onto christianity
Burning churches pave the road for an upcoming age
Finally man has been awaken by his inner self
Rome does its last breaths, these thousand years belong to us

St. Peter bells its last time
Lambs put on the stake
The sun is dying crimson
Wolfish spirit is awake

Destroy! Kill!

Millennium of revenge 
We celebrate the death of a
Thousand burning christian children

Total armageddon - No mercy shall be shown
Heaven free to plunder, to rape and to be torn
A silent scream emerges where once voices whispered loudly
Another kingdom fallen that never again shall be

Your glory is long gone vanished
Your time is long gone passed
The moon is the new tyrant
And death sits by her side

We have conquered the zionist basement
Torn to the ground lies the cradle of weakness
Desecrated are the buildings of jehovah
And fire is now purifying the world

The war is over, the air was cleamsed
Eternal darkness shall now remain...

The Solar Eclipse

The solar eclipse - End of the world
Arrival of a new aeon
Return of the wolfage
Eternal Wisdom - Amaroq!