FUNERAL PROCESSION - Funeral Procession

Heavenlie Aeons Grimlie Torne Apart

The mist riseth slowlie
From fields where Bloode rained from the skies
The sunne mourneth the passing day
As if she knew it hath been the last 

I am the Fog...
That Hideth what dwelleth beyonde...

The realm of the pure
Is washed away by the all-consuming fire
A fire so invincible and colde
Unlike the ones that shone these aeons

I am the Fire
That Burneth the angel's ground

Heavenlie Aeons Grimlie Torne Apart
The reigne of darkness and winter, the victorie of Griefe...

The harbringers of wrathe
Free the enslaved soules that wander as stars
Granting birth to the Blackest Black
That Blindeth thine eyes in Paine

I am the Black...
That Darkeneth Thy Kosmos Of Olde

Embrace the Darke
That Endeth the Aeon of no Sorrowe

Heavenlie Aeons Grimlie Torne Apart
The choir of an olde race echoeth in the darke...
Heavenlie Aeons Grimlie Torne Apart

I am the Void that Stealeth thy Life
I am the Dragon that tortureth thy Soule
I am the Elixir that the Wolf spewe forth
I am the Wrathe that Teareth thy heavens 
That tore thy heavenlie aeons...

When Moonshine Is The Only Light

When Moonshine is the only Light
And Angels Fall From Heavens High
Crimson Clad is the ground of earth
Embrace of Lunar Holocaust

By The Night
Spells Are Cast From The Moon

The Wolf is howling at the moon
For he sings darkest litany
The blood still warm on his muzzle
As his kin devour the sun 

The last mourns silence, fade away
Lord Frost takes Eden to her subzero days...

By The Night
Spells Are Cast From The Moon
Wolfish Souls enflame my heart

On the sea spellcast ghosts are dancing
Dance The Death of Mortal Souls

As Lunar Rays Reflect on the Surface
Of Waters Where Angels Once were drown

Welcome The Dark Aeon

Beholde The Stars Fall From The Heavens

As my eyes observe thy holy skies
All I am shown is vacant space
A tinie glimpse of nothingness those twinkling stars have been
In the toil of eternall nighte I take thy final breath
Beholde thy stars fall from the heavens

Bloode Of The Elder (Building The Anti-Kosmos)

In an olde booke, written myriads ago
On pages made of mortall skin
It spake of knowledge so long forgotten
Of wisdome unwished to be spread

Spill the Bloode of the Elder
Building the Anti-Kosmos
Procreating Khaos

The elder who watch the kreation
Knowe welle that all shall descende into
Waves of Apocalyptic Khaos
The kurse upon them is their fear
As their bloode is the key to the gates

In a starless nighte
When the summer is devour'd
Sacred bloode is shed
Shattering all order
The reigne of eternall silence
The embodiment of Anti-Life

Spill the Bloode of the Elder
Building the Anti-Kosmos
Procreating Anti-Life

The bloode of the elder 
The key to the Chambers of Kosmic Duste


Oh great last war bring us
The end of the white plague is near
Their king is dead and buried
Forever under the cross

Mass Destruction
I can feel their pain
Doom - The final day

I can feel it stronger
The bleed of their weak christian souls
The end of all lies

Doom - The final day


The Death Empire On Burial Ground Pt. I

A burial ground of olde
Lieth waste and forgotten
Beyonde impenetrable woods
With covered Paths untrodden

The olde ones could have remembered 
Tales so many centuries olde
That Death had not been conquered
By forces of goodness and lighte

The fools lull unaware
In their sense of securitie
Believing still in fairies that
A day followeth ev'rie nighte

The North wind carries forth
The breath of pestilence
The odour of death

The wolves and rats long hidden
Crawl out of their dreary wombs
Paving the rotten roads with bloode
That their Emperor once will walk

Oh dreamer, can you remember
The Last time the birds did sing?
And when you turned your eyes blinde
As all turned grey that once was green?

The Death Empire On Burial Ground 
Hath slept for centuries, but is awakening now
The Ships of the Dead art Setting Sails
Awaiting the Emperor's return

Far away, the sharpened scythe is twinkling
As the Full Moone weareth her palest dress
The weak slaves of the lighte will once again bow
To Him who retaketh his skullthrone

The Coffin Ships leave the harbours again
The Emperor returneth to His land

The Death Empire On Burial Ground...

The Death Empire On Burial Ground Pt. II

Beholde my visions...

One - The Half Moone's bloode shall serve our feast
Two - A throne made of crosses' splinters
Three - David's Star is torne asunder

The empire regained...

Millennium Of Revenge / Jerusalem In Ashes

War has been declared onto christianity
Burning churches pave the road for an upcoming age
Finally man has been awaken by his inner self
Rome takes its last breaths, these thousand years belong to us

St.Peter bells its last time
Lambs put on the stake
The sun is dying crimson
Wolfish spirit is awake

Destroy!!! Kill!!!

Millennium of revenge - 
We celebrate the death of a
Thousand burning christian children

Total armageddon - No mercy shall be shown
Heaven free to plunder, to rape and to be torn
A silent scream emerges where once voices whispered loudly
Another kingdom fallen that never again shall be

Your glory is long gone vanished
Your time is long gone passed
The moon is the new tyrant
And death sits by her side

We have conquered the zionist base and 
Torn to the ground lies the cradle of weakness
Desecrated are the buildings of jehovah
And fire is now purifying the world

The war is over, the air was cleansed
Eternal darkness shall now remain...