Fornost - Die Weide

Possibly - from spring 'til autumn...
Unexpected - there was a way...

Night to comfort me
Ancient path lead me through misty fields
Delicious waste dwelled there
Embraced by endless meadows as the old sun died
I can't remember the shades of its final dawn
I found it there - the willow

We bathed in beauty in the realm of the clouds
Irate heaven - triumph of me means the fall of me
My heart touched thousand times
Within the will of sorrow - of pain

Bedded in a hill of leaves - alone
And they fall - and they cover me
Like a veil of bloody memories
And with every tear a new leaf keeps falling
Upon me silence...

Oh my dear it weeps the night
Captive is the truth in a lethal ring of velvet fire
Oh my dear it weeps the moon
Lost his children if it burns for eternity

...und so gab ich das Kind der Dunkelheit zurueck, zurueck ins Licht,
Welches niemals haette geboren werden duerfen.
Doch Zeit hinterliess Narben, haessliche Narben...

Never again I'll dance with the willow
Never again I'll dance with the willow
Never again I'll dance with the willow

Grey in grey comes the autumn sky
Now down on me where the shadows grow
Still standing there in golden woods
And seeing what I never should
The grave I build with destiny
The flowers you gave me
Flowers of filth

Die with me
Die on me - NOW

Eternally - your winds will freeze my heart
Misery - call me dead, my name is damned
Finally - I'll breathe new life
Soon I'll breathe new life...