FORLORN - Hybernation

Ether Inside

The ether inside speack of illusions 
I enter a world, I have seen it before...
Neither dreams nor nightmares
can be compared
I stand still... or do I?

Can you hear me... did I think that...
Did I think.. hey. get back here...

The night creeps under my skin
Making my heart darker
The nails on my fingers still missing
wish I knew why
The world is a lie, I need something more

Come my way, beautiful one.
caress me with your sweet tips
Take my hand
and you will never die nor wither
On these beds of starlight
strange wonders occur
Hey, did you leave me behind.
should run master beautiful..
I see you in the corner of my eye 
You can never run away,
face your demons baby,
meet me halfway

Tribal terrorism, global assimilation,
colonisation of the planets
I dred we may fall far far behind,
locked down by our own blindness
Hyperspace, warp 9.2 consievable, yes.
Posible, off course
But will not be done.
human race is far behind
Let me have your ether now,
before I kill you all

Captain, my captain..
what bearing shall I set for?
Alfa system? Zone 0.2 perhaps...
Quick, before they attack!
Ave Maria, hail America, ave Cecar
Leaders of the world... I spit on you all
You drain us, 
drain our brains with rubberish
Take action now. I promise you.
Itīs all over...

Grow City

I find me, in Grow city
I find life in quantity
Quality has perished
I search through social caves
Through reckless minds
Strap me down;
I might fail just to displace you

I am a drug of my own,
no need for leedles
No need for candles
I get high on instict
The survival structures of my soul
Survival structures of hate

A scrubbed knee, my only witness
I carwl infinitely,
through snoring democracy

Uprising in numbers
Countless, meaningful
The lack of soul
The coming of metal
Clinical streets
Organ dumpterst on every corner
Now letīs dump each other
In Grow city

Stigmata Damnation

Tied to machines
that will forever tear you down
In the dark youíre stumbling blindly
Bound to believe in a lie
Moulded into perfection
While feeding your lust for depravity
Nails of fate pierce your flesh

You are just another replica
A mere duplication of failure

Make no mistake by praying for an end
No foolish thoughts
on how you may commend
Assume no acts of kindness
to be practised anymore
No kindness anymore

Stigmata damnation
Pity the martyr
Stigmata damnation
Carry their guilt

Let me be your stigmata

An icon of manís horrid creation
Fear mingled
with insubordinate stupidity

You will be punished for crimes
that you have never done
You are the icon
of mankindís lust for morbidity

Recognize the falsehood and the lie
What is the trae nature of this calling
Bleeding hands, bleeding eyes
Open wounds, the sacred demand

A bloodsoaked nightmare
of horrid creation
You are the image of sinners that wept

Agony Defiled

They make you crawl
They make you bleed
They make you cry
Get you down on your knees
They make you beg
They make you plead
That your lives be spared
But they dare not take heed

Ainít that sweet
The taste of defeat
The poison you take
The truth that youíre fake

You try to hide
Your hurt inside
But you lost the game
Your face, your name

They call out their names
They are writhing in pain
Wrongfully accused
Watching brothers get satŪn
Being torn apart
They feel their wrath
For ages and ages
In lifeís aftermath


The madness is complete
Chaos is order, all as one
Empty shells without matter
Degenerating and collapsing

Untouchable are the sinners of slavery
Unforgivable democracy
False is true. The handmade truth
Molded to pleasure and please
To imprision the free

I say: "Arm yourself"
Release your fear upon others
Inflict pleausure upon the worthy
Upon the few

Mechanic order, organic chaos 
A painting by sand bliss
A painting without paint.
an inkless tattoo
Dead. All are dead

Resistance is everywhere,
will it ever end
By my hand or a simple wish

Power of thougth.
Release me from captivity

Make way bastards
I am angry; with nothinmg to loose
This fight will be good



Prepared and bottled
Pre-installed horizons
Qued, piled and stocked
Packed, labeled and stored

Arms and legs, attach detach
Access profile, search for gene match 
Injected manners and flaws
Hope is fiction; reality is war

Institute of glass
Compressed format
This world of shattered mass
Made by the "Donít do that"

Here you have no name
Here you live through digital fame
Life through needles
Lifeless, leedles

Where they monitor what you do 
Where men of creation
Draws down the truth for you

The "I made this" compromise
The selected few, the sacred ones
Providers of life, removers of choice
We wonít bow down
Weíll go down in a unison voice

Our voice will bind ten
Who in turn will bind ten
Over and over again
Hiding is signals
Exchanging ideas
Organizing our counterstrike

New ideas proclaimed dead before born 
Innovation corrupt, you life in a box
Controllers of downís and upís
Renovation hended,
a revolution greeted

In this hybernation
Where slavery is a deal
Where men of perfection
cuts of your disbeliefs



Abuse life
Abuse death
Abuse flesh
Abuse soul
Abuse love
Abuse hate
Abuse you
Abuse me

Wish for
Another system
Another night
In another life


Another sense of reality
Could be an illusion
Possibly a nightmare

Galactic on forward in motion
Cursed systematic evolution
Genetic codes
programmed to failure
Dismay is the new content

Mechanic organs - organic chaos
Creation of bitter times

Flesh or mechanics
Soul or software
Not in control
canít be rebuilt to think
Force field emotions
Internal confusion
To be something but no one
The curtain falls hard on illusion

Disintegrate to create

I see the new stave
I see the same dismay
Same shit, new day

Silent Demise

I hold the world at a distance
But yet... death still surrounds me
Made a servant of my own departure
Viral infestation, terror on the body

Till death do us depart

A war inside me, and I keep losing terrain
I am a battlefield, the final frontier of death
Growing weaker - fading day by day

Born into eternal life
Empty is my demise
A shadow of me am I
I crave not this despair

Into my nightmare I crawl 
This deadly companion of mine
Like cold winds from the north
My body turns frozen and void

To those Iíll leave behind;
Remember now that I am free
And that I do not endure this pain no more

...I am free

In aeturnus... dolor et timor
(for eternity... misery and fear)
I become one with eternity
I aeturnus... equiden silens mors
(for eternity... my truly silent demise)
to slowly fade away

No peaceful ending, no worthy way out
The shadows of death are closing in on me
No graceful journey, no perfect harmony
In desolation I see the end

Viral infestation, terror on the body
Till death do us depart

Viral... Terror... Death... Depart...