FORGOTTEN TOMB - Springtime Depression


Piles of flesh buried by years.
The sands of time are covering our eyes.
Jaded by life. This nausea keeps going on growing.
Aborted visions of tomorrow.

These nights are endless.
And the wind will bring us the coldness of depression.

A life I cannot face.
Their voices fill this dark emptiness.
Desolated vastlands. The broken wings of a fallen bird.
This beauty I'll find becoming a rotten body.

Time here has stopped.
A new dimension out of space.

Last exit for paranoia - Infinite despondency.
My blood is dripping down the drain.
To fade into the embrace of dusk.

To hear the distant sound
of children laughters.
To take Her hand and drown into utter darkness.

Take me away from this suffering.
A life I cannot face.

These nights are endless.
And the wind will bring us the coldness of depression.
To fade into the embrace of dusk.
To take Her hand and drown into utter darkness.


Remembrances - Once more I'm there
Living in the past
Faded pictures of yesterday
My best and worst memories
Will be forever here

Another night - Bleak fading lights
I'm growing old with them

Burning grief consumates me
I'm falling to dust

Another day - Is turning grey
Tonight I burn my pictures

When I come home
from these useless days
And I dream of past joys
Then I fall again into loneliness
And my blood streams in remembrance

When I cry into darkness
And my scars release blood
Sometimes you would have wantes to die
To let me the last good memories of you

A desert inside
Cold blue dust is falling on my eyes
I'm flying away
Dreaming of those bittersweet days

Now I watch these opened wounds
For every cut i burn another fear
Both we were painful scars,
drops of blood falling in an endless sea of sadness.

Daylight Obsession

I watched into the burning sun.
My eyes filles with obsession.
An eternal walk towards nothing.
An empty road, as long as my eternal sickness.

I watched into a dead horizon.
My blood falls into the sun.
My thoughts drown into emptiness.
Stench of death in the air.

The sickness of a summer afternoon.
My sticky flesh covered by insects.
A dream of naked bodies dying on meathooks.
The smell of your slaughtered whore-meat
rotting under a blinding sun.

Your last stop - Dead end.
My twisted visions revealed to you.
You'll never understand
this ravishing desire for demise.

Hanged dolls, sing-song.
Bones swinging endlessly.
Hot winds of a funeral day.

I walked through the same old walls.
I smelled the same old dust.
Dust of forgotten times.
Dust of shallow lives.

Colourless Despondency

Kill me - Take me to the place
where my cries will stop forever
And where my memories
will drown in the sickness of dusk

The shadows of the noose on the wall
crosses that of my neck
The weight of this sorrow
The need to end it now

This useless existence
The will to end every shadow of my past
A life drowned in misery
A life stained by nausea

No other reason to hang on
to a life without a meaning
Every dream has fallen to ashes
At one with despondency

Alive but so far away
Left alone in a shallow life
Without remorse - without a reason
All my happiness now disappeared

My soul descends into darkness
As Her distant smile appears through the fog
No one was here to dry my tears
No one will cry
A colourless reflection of despondency

Subway Apathy

As a desolated subway
As an empty city street
It takes me away
Towards oceans of concrete

A grey walk into the void
Through faceless humans
Nauseating melancholy
Suburban distress

Lifeless as your jaded eyes...

Pitch black misery
Dead leaves in rainy afternoons
Cold - Cold sidewalks at night
Frozen by bleak neon lights

Lifeless asy our jaded eyes

Our sight is broken by a train
This time I know it will be at last one
A reflection of the subway
inside your eyes
Waiting for the last train
of this endless night

Lifeless as your jaded eyes...

To fade into the dark
To run away towards another
Grey - Another greay suicidal day
Subway Apathy crawls in me

Subway Apathy crawls in me

Pale grey walls
Dark landscapes of iron
Deep inside my soul