FORGOTTEN TOMB - Obscura Arcana Mortis


I walk again through these darkened paths,
as the cold wind blows on my face
and the fog creates sinister forms,
they guide me in the dark night
A night as black as Death
An iced hand closes my eyes
as the frost surrounds me with its obscure shroud

No moon over me this night,
only the dark is real now
I stand obsessed by the signs,
occult symbols carved in the ground
of this ancient moor

They show me the mysteries of the afterlife,
the way to the knowledge
Now I must die to see this...

Wandering in the lands of Death
I know, I've seen beyond
Untrodden paths, but only in this life,
I walked them

Nefarious Nights

Nefarious nights, a time so far,
ancestral fears and nightmares
From the darkened clouds of the past
memories of souls without rest...

Pray your lord to reach another dawn
(The) Darkness takes away our mortal life
They' ve come back with these obscure nights

The moon appears through the fog
which flattens over the bog
Lock yourself inside your fragile home
close all lights and hope they don't come

Nefarious... Nights
Nefarious... Nights

I observe sinister moors
Through the grip of winter
I walk towards the endless dark
As legends return to take
other lives into their funeral drape
Nefarious Nights...

"Rediverunt nobis.
Tempus est solvere debitum sanguinis.
Deum benedictat nos omnes."

A funeral procession through the night
takes the caskets of the dead to the cemetary
They burn their coffins to purify the souls
then pray the Lord to be forgiven

Population now has payed the dues
The cold winds take away the nefarious nights

Forgotten Tomb

Let me die alone in darkness,
shunned by the light
Misanthropic death,
ignore the past life

No more visions of tomorrow
Dreaming the Death,
a tomb in the fog
A cold tombstone
forgotten by everyone

Forgotten Tomb

Leave me alone
Let me follow the path to nothing
Through the lands of inhumanity i wander
The black candle light has closed,
I can see the blackened beauty of Death
Forget me, I'll miss myself in the void

Forgotten Tomb...

I am alone now,
only the dark listen to my words
Forget me

Obscura Arcana Mortis

On the path to darkness, the darkness of this nights
Through the fog we're dressed with our black robes
Silence... The wolves will lead us
towards the place of nightmares...

A deserted house stand beyond the ancient cemetary
We coven inside the dark place
The pale walls of the crypt
now are lightened by black candles...
The medium begun the invocation...

"Invoco animas veterum mortuorum
In nomine dilapsorum nobis ostendete verum
Volumus ex novo vivere fines vestram.
Animae mortuorum audite hanc revocationen,
dicete nobis de tenebris que post mortem sunt
Nobis revelate horridum abyssum mortis..."

We want to know

Lugubrious moans comes from the near cemetary
Your cryptic voices whisper
with the stenching breath of Death...

"Redite per clathros vita e post mortem."

Tonight the sky is darkened than ever,
as tormented souls tell the occult secrets...
Obscura Arcana Mortis