FOREFATHER - Deep Into Time

Natural Chaos

We'll Slay And We'll Destroy And We'll Feel No Guilt
Haphazardly We'll Do As We Do Please
We Will Act on Instinct, our Minds Know Not Compassion
Unimpeded By Corrupt Restraints

This Is The Way It Should Be
And In Natural Chaos We Are Free
With Laws And Morals Cast Away

We'll Violate, Obliterate To Fuel Our Will
On Impulse Act Without Any Regret
Survival of The Strong Will Be The Only Rule
Disorder Is And Will Be Evolution

A Time When Life Is Pure
And Justice Is Our Blades
When Being Is Unspoiled
And Gone Are All The Restraints

Deep Into Time

They Came From Other Lands To Change Our Views
They Said To Worship Their gods or We Would Die
Eras on I Yearn To Reveal Our Ways Again
To Unveil Ancient Wisdom Gained Through Generations

I Dig Deep Into Time
To Bring Back Ancient Ways
Before They Clawed Them Down
Their Reign Is Failing Now

Our Forefathers Resisted All They Coul
To Save The Traditions Olden
But They Destroyed Them And Stole Our Children's Minds
And Now We Shall Restore Forgotten Honour And Pride

Pure Blood, Unpoisoned Water
Passed From Father To Son
An Age Now Long Since Gone
Is There Time To Revert?

Immortal Wisdom

The Winds Sweep Accross The Raging Skies of Our Tormented Domain
All Around I Hear The Ghostly Chants of Generations Gone
Can't They Hear The Howls of The Old Ones Great Coming With The Storms?
Cries of Betrayal And Destroyed Will Over Ages Passed

I Hear The Winds of Immortal Wisdom Sing
Nature Is Yet To Breathe It's Last Breath

They Blindly Go About Their Ways, Forget What Is Real
A Fantasy Turned To Legacy, A Spiral of Doom
Can't They Hear The Howls of The Old Ones Great Coming With The Winds?
The Warnings Fall on Sleeping Minds And on Deaf Ears

Visions Of Elders

Somewhere We Lie In A Circle of Time
Where Ages of Elders Have Passed The Land By
Somewhere We Lie In A Circle of Time
Where Those Ancient Mortals Will Not Ever Die
Taught In The Valleys And Forests of Home
Devoted To Ways of Old
Something We'll Lie In A Circle of Time
When We Are The Fathers Who Told

I Lived By The Distant Sun of The Earth
And Hills That Have Branded My Name
Visions of Elders Are All That I See
Alive on My Elders Plains

Onwards The Frydsmen, Together We Go
Chanting Songs of Victory
We Will Always Live
Like The Fathers Once Did Dream
Guided by That Which Is Known To Us All
And Means All of Living To Me
Somewhere We Lie In A Circle of Time
Where Reason of Old Is The Key

The Sun And Moon Hold The Key
To How The Ways of Life Should Be
Free of Ruler, We Will See
On A Journey Deep In The Ancestry

Dusk To Dawn

The Sky Begins To Darken Gradually
As The Sun Descends To The horizon
Making The Trees Look Grim
And The Atmosphere Feel Dormant

Chinks of Light Break The Layer of Dark
As Teh Sun Ascends The Sky
Making The Trees Look Benign
And The Atmosphere Feel Awake


Ancient Voice

The Winds of Wisdom Lash My Face
As I Hail This Open Space
Under The burning midday Sun
I Sense The Power That Makes Us One
This Stretch of Land Before I See
Lies Symbols of History
An Angleman, I Am of Many
I Am of Their Spirit, I Am of Them

I Hear Their Ancient Voice

Teh Storms of Kowledge Pound The Sky
As I Praise This Sight Before My Eyes
Through The Mist Beyond The Sea
I See The Past That Calls To Me

We Are One
Heathen Son
As I Stand Above Your Graves
We Are One
Heathen Son
As I See The World In Flames

The Ornamented Sword

"The Ornamented Sword, Forged on The Anvil,
The Razor Sharp Blade Stained With Blood,
Shears Through The Boar-Crested Helmets of The Enemy.
We Shielded Our Heads In The Fight.,
When Soldiers Clashed on Foot, Slashed At Boar-Crests.
And His Head Was Guarded By The Gleaming Helmet
Which Was To Explore The Churning Waters, Stir Their Depths;
Gold Decorated It, And It Was Hung Around With Chains
As The Weapon-Smith Had Wrought It Long Before,
Wondrously Shaped It And Beset It With Boar Images,
So That Afterwards No Battle-Blade Could Do It Damage"