FLEURETY - Last-Minute Lies


Underneath the skin 
a glittering ocean 
the waves and the pulsating soil 
a spine bent into perverse angles 
projected on a screen 
a charming grimace 

I shot my thoughts at you 
dreading the recoil's impact 
the unrest of one instant and the amphorae were pulverized 
projected on a screen 
the imaginary silhouettes 

I plunged into the fountain's crystalline waters 
without dreading the clash with the surface 
you stole from me my riches and my tremors 
projected on a screen 
an anaemic body 

I threw the explosive caresses 
back at the smileress 
and they 

I Saw Claws

Blur sores that breed and crawl around on one's chest 
cracks and stains in a pattern 
of geometric impossibilities the ashes and the razors that 
tore one's hallucinations 
to shreds the clatter and the clamour melliflous 
as the Nightingales' song 

Oh where have I been where have I bled 
lungs filled with sulphur thrown open the doors that led to 
emptiness burned into 
the retina an image of the gossamer textiles that separated 
two bodies fantasies 
of sleep ricochets within a parralellogram 

Oh where have I been where have I bled 
the art of contradiction 
of contraction of contortion of contusion of confusion of 


The pain is neverending all the dreams have been 
deflowered the once lethal weapons are corroding 
quickly perfectly circular little men are dancing 
through the past the future is being touched by 
serpent fingers the streams float on countless choirs 
cry fadelessly a puzzle without pieces this fight is 
not against time it is against timelessness withering 
weeds have defeated the malformed lilies at dawn it 
all continues a new