FLEURETY - Department Of Apocalyptic Affairs


The meal reveals its identity 
the erotic turns erroneous 
insomniahours fevered with springtime 
magnetises even the bloodinshoe beauties 
an amusementbox invaccination 
the superb turns superflous 
and egoeccentric pencilcramps 
tornadoeye of undeserved attention 

Department of apocalyptic affairs 
furnished with electric chairs 

The faked generosity of one instant 
the phallic turns fallacious 
blistered bindfoldeye curses 
the constant melvining of one's metabolism 
obscene obsession correct relief 
the call-girl turns carnivorous 
relentlessly spinning the litany 
we are born to be exterminators 

Department of apocalyptic affairs 
furnished with electric chairs

Face In A Fever

Met up with my friend 
the sexist in exile 
on a tight leash 
he keeps the vermin 
that gave me the creeps 
together 'till the end 
us and whatever's addictive 
in a pair of tight jeans 
the gossamer latex that separated two bodies 

What we've got here 
is a face in a fever 
From the mouth comes the virus 
nothing's made cleaner

I've seen the one-track mind 
however just in profile 
he keeps a shocking feast 
leads his women to anxieties and sweets 
he is the iguana man 
always this repulsive 
always accompanied by screams 
he spits the virus at the one who sleeps 

What we've got here 
is a face in a fever 
From the mouth comes the virus 
nothing's made cleaner

Shotgun Blast

He's got a whip-scarred centerfold 
in the trunk of his car 
pocket full of spices 
to go with the sore 
it's he who's got 
the crania and the remnants 
what would he have done 
if suffocation wasn't portable 
pages of the memory 
torn out disappeared 
as did the severed limbs 

Buckshots conflagrated the arteries 
in a 210 bpm cardiac march 
a carcass of alcohol enraptures 
in a 60/40 combustion/evaporation


Arrest me I talk in riddles 
I cause stress and muscular cramps 
nervous exaggeration after the toxictonic
telepathically broadcasts an appearance of one's own
one's been given a doppelganger 
who unlike oneself doesn't fake enthusiasms 

The shallshock of one instant 
and the indiscretionnovice unzips his fly 
he'll never know what hit him 
I know the detectives found 
the fingerprint of the universe

Facets 2.0

Underneath the skin 
a glittering ocean 
the waves and the pulsating soil 
a spine bent into perverse angles 
projected on a screen 
a charming grimace 

I shot my thoughts at you 
dreading the recoil's impact 
the unrest of one instant and the amphorae were pulverized 
projected on a screen 
the imaginary silhouettes 

I plunged into the fountain's crystalline waters 
without dreading the clash with the surface 
you stole from me my riches and my tremors 
projected on a screen 
an anaemic body 

I threw the explosive caresses 
back at the smileress 
and they 


Last-Minute Lies

Vexed with wires and curled up like snakes 
we all without aim stumbled and staggered 
through the craters and pools 
that were oh so characteristic 
of the landscape on which 
we to our surprise discovered facial features. 

Once I was given a bottle filled with sparkling anxiety. 
It did not quench my thirst. 
It became an unbecoming addiction. 
(And in an abbreviated manner one could say 
that in accordance to tradition we exhibit our addictions 
in the display window to affront possible bypassers 
and to arouse aggression and inertia.) 

Someone cast himself into self-portrayal vainly 
hoping the result would accentuate the featurelessness of his face 
disappointed he swam in the low-budget luxuries that devour 
with omnivorous appetite would you lie for me I had a rusty nail 
hammered through my temple and I'm not sure if 
what I felt was pain let me introduce you to my friend the pain in-exile 
let me spray you with last-minute lies the screens oh so cleverly designed to banish 
boredom brought reports of an accident in the shooting gallery if 
I were a killer you would not have lived to know at the ends of one's arms 
there are instruments of destruction confusingly similar to hands the imperative 
of the evening is sever would you die for me would you spy for me thank you 
I've had enough now let me evaporate and join a less tedious cloud the delicacies 
that scorched the palate and made the tongue swell 

Fresh from the machinery of the filth-factory: 
A malfunctioning device: Cogito. 
Upon seeing it one shrieks, 
with jealousy intoxicated 
and with the almost 
theatrical obscenery appalled-angered. 
The crumbling the crumpling the collapsing 
mild and sour and misplaced 
as were the cherub's smiles. 
Pornography has brought us 
where technology couldn't.

Barb Wire Smile

As in the fairytales the eerietales 
the scarytales the oh so weary tales 
there is a place where the outdated sweethearts go as in becoming one 
with the vicious whirlwind 

As in couldn't have cared less as in courting the barbwire smile as in where will 
that grinnygrin be when you're waltzing about in stenchdrench 
as in how could you be so careless as in watching 
the spleenscreen 
the snowscreen there's snow on my screen 

And it's the story of a lifetime as in there is a carnage 
where the dead darlings go as in i wouldn't i don't wanna' 
As in I'm not there as in another sphere 
As in not being a victim not a superstar 
As in as if