FENRIS - Words Of The Ascended

Words Of The Ascended

Aware of my hanging on the windy tree. 
Waved for nine nights, cut up by the sword.
Blood poured for Odin, of sacrifice to myself.

Tied to a tree from wich no one knows.
Until the root reaches down into my soul.

No one gave me bread.
No one gave me water.

Down into the depts I stared.
To pull away the ruins.
Compelled a horifying scream.
From wich I fainted in swoon.

Well being I gathered for as wisdom.
I grew up and bathed in joy about my growth.
From a word to a word I was led to a word.
From misdeed to misdeed I was led to an act of EVIL.

The Call Has Come

The call has come to overflow my rancour.
Sinister touches darkens my thinking.
Messenger of cold remorse.
Must I bear this Evil?

The full moon shines its light unto the flesh of open wounds.
The transformation ends, in all its wonder.

"And cometh from afar not in entire forgetfullness and not in utter nakedness.
But trailing clouds of glory.
Not from God do we come our murderess father".


As your nails cut deep into my heart.
The blood I shed quenches your aching thirst.
Drink, my sweet beloved and the honey I flow forth will be as poison
rotting its way through you.

Through The Twilight Mist We See

Sweet summerbreeze makes my visions clearer.
Concieve my notions as I open myself to you.
A broken embodiment of sleeping monuments.
!The legacy of their glaring images leave me bitter...!

Through the twilight mist we see.
The darkened face of her own death.
Through the twilight mist we see.
The recognition of the queen that had ones been.

Lifeless soul of anger.
Come to me in my dreams.
Tell me stories of solitude.
That I may render your beliefs
and forsee my destiny for my own

Oh, what elegance joys my sight.
Unsurpassed princess of the night.
Let your darkness be my guiding light and I will follow

The Burning Of The Non-Believers

Set the cross a blaze a raging string of fire stupifies your thoughts.
In your heretic heart the might of Satan rules withering all what's pure.
Ripping the inner feelings out, the suffering on the cross for eternity in hell.

No one hears you desperate cries forsaken has your God.
Demons are taken over....You.
Burn, I determin your punishment.
Conversion is the only savior.