FENRIS - Offerings To The Hunger

Offerings To The Hunger

Freya hear our calls, mother of all that lives
in this sacred forest we gather in your name
to plant the seed of prosper and worship thy forgiveness
that the sacrifice we make may bring life through death

The gift 

In the darkest depth of emptiness 
our offer is swallowed by the lake 
foretell the times that lay ahead
as we bring thee lives that you may take 

Glorious are thou signs 
make your wisdom ours
unchanged by time
we will harvest all 

The procession

Chants are sung of praise
only the bog now will see her face
slowly followers move on
in time merely the lake will hear her song

As Wolves They Came

In a cold remembrance 
steel thrashes its way 
the holy relies ending 
blood spills of a god dethroned 

The last of men in cloth
toil their way into the sea
devoured by the greed of Odin
the waves run red with blood of thee

The warlord weaves his web of death
as pagans sigh their grim last breath
the bloodied red sun is his shield
as the eagle scams the battlefield

The Blood Opens Gateways

Into the shadows
of the fallen ones
led by the virtue
to form a thousand suns

The slaughter was unseen
for eyes not yet groomed to such a display
red was the colour of their grief 
death was the mother of them all

divine space confined
lords of the ring expelled
born as the fire blazed
feared as the carnage raged

walking further 
growing weaker
untold murder
hidden deeper
The blood opens gateways
to shrines of earthly gods
feasting on the crimson
of souls inherent lost

Fier Is De Wind

Door hoge golven 
daalt de toorn op ons neer

tegen de goden hun verlangen
hebben de stervelingen geen verweer

lang zijn nu de nachten
in het rijk der woeste zee

langs verlaten duistere wegen
neemt donar ons nu mee

fier is de wind, die hier raast
hij neemt het leven, overhaast
geboren uit donder en vuur
neemt hij zielen te laatste uur

zittend op zijn troon
lachend om zijn daden
treurend tracht hij hier
in hoeveel bloed dat hij kan baden

Zonen Des Storms

Als een vlaag van vernietiging
brengen zij de schrik over land
herleving van sterven
belichaming van angst

door de zonen des storms
leeft de herinnering voort
verwekt als rijders van wind
dalen zij neder tot ieders poort

Zonen des storms
aan de hemel zo vrij

verdrijf de ziekte die ons velt
en schenk ons de kracht die ons hoger stelt
wij drinken van uwer vocht
en strijden mee op deze laatste tocht


Destroyer Of Worlds

Mystic powers control the circle of fear
silently the monster dictates its flow
to where hope becomes nothing 
and hate alters everything 

come forth, bringer of pain and evil
and uphold my ring of fire
take leave, seeker of flesh and death
thy are the dwellers of endless mire 

weakling, your cries mean nothing to me 
why do you challenge my infinite strength?
for I have become death
the destroyer of worlds

bound are the hands to grasp you near 
silenced is the tongue that speaks the words
you need to hear

our spirits will carry 
the memories of truth 
our spirits will fade
in moments of time