ENTHRONING SILENCE - Unnamed Quintessence Of Grimness

Unnamed Quintessence Of Grimness

Drowned in dusk touching universe
An useless pray to entrap an aeon
You know we die?
You know the blood stopped its way?
In the fire all intentions are burning
Lights are riding from this useless world
Leaving oblivion behind
Sufferance I know you
You are the mother of my desires
Hate I bless you
You are the father of my rebirth
I am the bastard son of this world
Unnamed quintessence of grimness
I am the virtue of humanity

Thy Essence

Along forgotten shadows of blood
In the dark endless
Remembering the night that hidden us
We have wandered silent through centuries
Sons denied of a sleeping father
We have lived hidden life from you
Scarred eyes
Silence embraced us
Pregate o Hoi figli di un mondo bastardo
I vostri simboli non vi salveranno
We are too far
Beyond your ruins
Beyond our triumph

Golden Paths Of Suicidal Abyss

Life seems so far from here
Bleeding in the dust with fear
Frost essence embraces the smell of thy words
As I fall in desecration
Vortex devours certain in this march to abyss
Delirium path to pain
Hallucinating senses
I without soul as blood frozen on rotten soil
Tonight my thoughts are flesh touched by the unknown
Pureness rotten in perfection

Embraced To Cosmic Infinity

Let me hear the echoes of my years
Let me ride through the winds of fate
I will cry for the fatal down
For your frozen séance
I will dream of bleeding flames
Swimming in the void
Let me dream of my enemies defeated
Embraced to cosmic infinity
This struggle I long for
It burns me
It devours me
Embraced to silent infinity


Silence it shall be
Magic sound of Fimbulwinter
And this frozen ash
Shall be our way
Blind in the flames of destiny
I shall open my eyes
Confessing you among thousands faces
And then fire shall live in
Autumnal mysts
Conquering the night
That has been ours
Open your wings
To my horizons
To fame my whispers


Transfiguration Of The Triarch

Nel mio spirito
Ombre e nebbia riposano silenziose
Mentre ricordi di lontane congiure
Mi fremono nel sangue
Ho vista la putrida farsa
Del vostro torvo disegno trasformarsi
In vendetta e con lei messi deyli aridi
Campi di odio da voi coltivati
Il sale sulle mie ferite non fa piú male
Le vostre sporche menzogne non mi
Feriscono piú
Sono la polvere dei vostri fallimenti
Eterna trasfigurazione