ENTHRAL - The Mirror's Opposite End

When The Sky Touched The Earth

Behold the Continents as they Sink into the Waves
A New Generation seeking to Enslave the Last Free Souls
And Rebuild them after their own Distorted Images
We still stand with Lips sealed as they tear down our World
Still dreaming of the Age when the Otherworlds were closer.
When the Sky touched the Earth
Deep down inside a Body Corrupting fertile Soil, something is moving
It is being sung through Me ..And My Lips Whisper the Words
We place the Masks on and Wander Down the Spirit Road
Following the glowing Threads through the Void
A Dark Well from Whose depths a Gentle Greenish Glow emants
Descending into it in our Vision until We Sink beneath its Waters,
Deep down into the Great Below ...Flying over meadow, river and dale
Down into the Netherworld
Three seeds thrown down into the Silver Womb
Seven stars lights the Path to Extinction
Blinded Eyes see all Nature of Fiery Truth
Falling back into Stone ...Falling back unto (Your) Spear
Just like Me you are made of Flesh and Blood
Still you say you will Heal My Wounds and Cleanse My Soul
But This Soul is not for you to take but for Myself to keep!
Is there Wisdom in your words when the words Spoken are not even your own?
If this is your Way of Salvation
I Will Not Listen...

In Passion Swept

"And Death shalt come to Rid the Filth of the Earth
To Separate the Liar from the Wise..."
I Drown in Thoughts; What is the Reason for My Existence?
Pleasures seem only to be Enjoyed by Those who sense no Guilt
Not even the Cruelest Love can be this hard
Solemn Youth I Witness once Crying; now Dying in Dreams
As We Struggle to be Awakened
The Heat on our Lips has Burned the Passion away from Our Hearts...
Sense the Flames Embracing the Two of us as
We stand Calm sunken Beneath a Soulless Chaos...
Watching our Empire Falling into Ruins...
I Caress the Soil the Remains of my Past
And my Crystals Darken with Tears
Try to Breath Your Sardonic Harmony into my World of Grief
and You will Kill What's left of Me!
The Fundament to My Existence is now, but an Empty Shell
No longer of Flesh and Spirit... No Salvation Found through Harmless Joy
For the Fear of Death dwells within the Eyes of Every Mortal Man
Growing stronger for every Hour Passing
Spinning our Destinies Together like the Greatest of All Tragedies...
Sorrow offers Compassion but what is Compassion Worth?

"Looking back at the Memories I Realize
What I Sought Cannot Be Found"


Watching as the Walls of the City (of Dreams) Crumbles into Dust
Every Pagan Wiped away by the Sword of the Righteous
In Tears I Realize that there is nothing more to Conquer
Chained to Mortality ...Now exposed to Eternity
Gazing at the Sky screaming; How can You do this to Me?
Leaving Me Faceless to the World...A Target for Every Arrow
Pointing at Me From every Shadow, slowly dissolving,
Becoming one with the Earth...
Dragged through the Streets by Angry Hands, A Soul trapped at the Threshold
Ashes Spread on a River...
An Instrument in the Hands of a god Singing; "Why pick Flowers for the Dead?"
I've Burned the Bridges behind Me, Leaving no Retreat
All I have Left is the Dust From A Thousand Dreams, not even Mine,
I am merely a drop of Water, in an Everflowing Stream....
You see the World through Dead Eyes... Sleeping through the Ages
Gazing at the Earth From a Distant Star
Knowing that what You see has already Happened... You are My Lord of Flies
The Dead who carved for Life...I know not why they lie there Floating
The lie there Devoid of Thought ..Bereft of Life and Drowned in Sorrow
You are the Lord of Flies
The Bane of Mankind is all that He is until He dies,
is a Pawn that is expected to live by the Lies of Tradition
Existing only as Flies crushed by a Mighty Hand
You are the Lord of Flies

The Sins Of Man

O'Lord of such splendour and noble art 
Heed now My prayers: Please save your Children from those who live to betray us
and whose Acts aim at our Mother in such a Destructive Manner
For the Sins by Man created even My own dreams bring Me Seductive Lies
And I am slowly drowning within the Darkened Waters of My Weakened Soul...
Nail Me to the Earth
and Bless Me with Rest in Her Embrace
For the Fatality of My Insecureness
Unveils My Greater Characters
Behold; now the Colour Fades From My Eyes!
The Greatest Gift of All
And I sense not being a part of it
In My Arms I Hold The Weeping Body of Christ
The Mirror that Reflects this Tragedy
I Serve called Life....
Seek not Your Pity in Me For I can only speak for Myself
I Bleed Sickness through the Pores of My Imagination
And with The World I Burn... 
Painting the Visions of My Fever through Blood and Broken Glass
Now My Anger Struggles beneath My Thoughts
For Dying Before the Eyes of a 'Blind King' am I
The Red Whine I so Carefully Sipped to
(With all Loving Passion)
Never could it still My Thirst for Divine Fulfillment...

Salvation Mother

O'Withering I May Be
For Deeply Wounded I Surely am
I am the Father of all your Sins
But still I am the Mother to Your Salvation


"There is a wind that blows between the worlds. It screams silently through the empty
places travelling from nowhere to nowhere in the uncreated wastes... I am so cold..."
Father grant Me Wings and let Me return to You
Abandoned from a Grace I cannot Comprehend
Give Me Wisdom so that I can see where I failed
Snow is only cold on Bare Skin; Why won't you Shelter Me
A Tiny Piece of the Soul that inherits all the Earth... Is that why I Live?
Then remember this: Divinity in Truth is Lies!
I never decided what to be... My Life will not colour your Creation
Because Monochrome is the true God
Manifested in Endless Veins we are, a steady Pulseflow
Dark Blood from an open mouth... Your eyes are lifeless,
Yet still they penetrate Flesh and bone... Staring at a Heart filled with conceit
I recognize Human evil in every word you have said... How can we be expected to believe?
Distant voices, Thousand of voices whispering through the Void
"In the beginning", they say, "In the beginning there was only the great self
Reflecting, it found nothing but itself".
Hear what I say to You; the Dark River bears only our Sorrow,
forever flowing through the Ages, the only heritage for our Children
We are the Slaves pulling the Wheel of the Heart,
pumping more dark water through the veins and into the River...
I feel the Pulse Thundering inside Me, like bells on My Dying Day
I Look back and see only one Single Path stretching out behind Me
I look ahead and see nothing but Darkness...
The Paths are long, and even in Death there seems to be no ending to them...

"Do not expect much at the end of the world"

The 9th Sphere

Cascading Black Waters Look to the Sea Horizon
Behold the Cleansing Wave Wall Released
Into Sweet Oblivion Perished... Swept away
Escape this Dimension to Herald the Other...
Such Divinity could it be Conceived?
Gracefully drowning in the Sadness Chalice
Given where the Shimmering Skies to soar
At the Beginning of a Journey ..Ascending to the Spheres
Flocking as always around a Spiteful Monument
Being that of the Self Image
A Quest for Immortality suceeding only in Proving Futility
Celestial Silence Greeting... the Mirror's Opposite End
Through Acknowledgement reaching Wisdom
Grandure seeking... Dearth of Compassion
Cyclopean Hubris... Never to aspire to Grandness
Knowledge plundering through Ancestor Wisdom
To any extent I cannot know it all
Cosmos Thou art Chaos
Mortality conceived thee Orderly
Then only the Chill Void remains
Echoing with all Grief
Rendering Me Fulfillment bereft

...Not even in own Eyes Significant...

Call Of The Horned Piper - The Sabbat Song

Sleep is waking, waking sleep,
We Ride the Broom across the Deep,
Fair is foul and Foul is Fair
By bee and cat, by hound and hare,
The Living die and Dying live
We turn the Shears and the Sieve,
Light is Darkness and Darkness Light
to Farers through the Mystic night,
Up is down and Down is Up
To Seekers of the Cauldron Cup,
Lords are Churls and Churls are Lords
We leap across the Bridge of Swords,
Birth is Death and Death is Birth
We Thread the Paths Beneath the Earth,
Bride is Hag and Hag is Bride
Between the Times We Rage and Ride,
Day is Night and Night is Day
For Farers on the Witching Way...

The Leaper Play

Father; Why hast Thou forsaken me?
Here I Weep in gracious woe
Under your Promised Heaven
In this Season of Darkness
Where the Blind leads the Way
To a Scorned Idol I must Confess
Your Prophets were they Deceivers
Preachers of a Forgotten Faith?
They all fell Bloodied unto the Earth
With their Hands Covering their Eyes from the Masses
Can you Remember the Ashes, mingled with dust
That once was mentioned with names by a Thousand Tongues?
Did they se behind the veils that hid your Dying Masks?
Did they se the tears Drying on our Faces
That for far to long has Sheltered
The Atrocities of the Human mind?
This Pathetic Sight of Children
Starving on their hopes
Clinging to the Naked Body of their Mother
Whipped to the Ground...
O'Lord what hast thou given us?
For our Sights has grown dim...
You created this mockery called Human!
Too weak to Crawl - Too proud to Fall
Beneath all Scarlet Tragedies
Lies the Hidden Strength of Man but still,
Blinded by the Eyes of Confusion...