ENDSTILLE - Dominanz


Starring at
The endless horizon
The silent waves
Move the shade


One dawn is left
'til their death
Mood is imbalanced
Heading home


The heaviest weapon
For a mislead nation
For domination

Conquest Is Atheism

Conquest is atheism
Delivered a thousand deaths
Exhausted is silence and harmony
Grieving pain, something fierce
Soul of the non-age

Based on the essential savety of god

The names of war
Religious intent
An inmost thought
And the blindness to follow

This is mans disgrace
But not the grace of god
The will to reign (eternal)
Known by reason of force


It remains
Desolate landscapes
Dust silenced
Perpetual warfare

Defeat is unspoken
A grim propaganda
The essence of war
Is vicory itself

Apocalyptic scenes
Brutal climax
Lost forever
Hidden sun