DRACONIS - The Highest Of All Dark Powers

The Highest Of All Dark Powers

Fall to your knees, beg for forgiveness
I'll be the lord of your pain
and the one to deny your salvation

I am the crusher of hope
and the bringer of death
Possessing the power of infinite wrath

The ultimate evil is my anger within
pulsing and flowing with sin after sin
Dwelling in darkness upon demonic thrones

I await the profound sign
from our diabolical majesty
This world must be destroyed
The highest of all dark powers

I will soon become the sworn enemy of man
Whose worthless existence is underserving
of a painless demise
I will sacrifice myself just
to see billions burning in pain

The highest of all dark powers
I acknowledge the sign from our diabolical majesty
This world is burning in pain

The Breath Of A Thousand Cold Voices

Within the depths of your subconscious
You hear the sounds of the dead calling
from a different time and place
They are the cold voices of doom

The images they present fill you with terror
The firestorms of extinction will turn the skies gray
with the ashes of burnt bodies
And the only thing left for you
to know is your last escape
where time and space has become nonexistent

You return to the world in which you thought you knew
where life that previously existed has been erased
The cold breath of deadwinds
howl through the abandoned streets

As you walk through the charred wasteland
and see the desolation
you realize you are alone in this decayed world

The remnants of weak human existence
are reflections of the past
which is now a fading memory
and all signs of previous life have become
piles of crimson ash

Embodiment By Candlelight

We are the children of fire the walkers of worlds
We are empowered by chaos eternally
The candlelight exposes a gate from beyond
Let us begin the ascension

Unite me with darkness
oh lord of infernal realms
Show me the paths to walk, to find the answers
to secrets unknown

Welding the fury of demons inside
I slowly gain strength through possession
I travel through dominions of supernatural creation
The power begins growing within
Embodiment by candlelight

Descending The Shadowed Passage To Nocturnal Realms

On the blackest eve of winter nights the shadows call my name
A dark path of possession descends to nocturnal realms

Departing from the sleeping world awake in a fantasy
Silent is the place in which I dwell
Where there is no place for life

Thrones of darkness guide my path
From far above I descend to nocturnal realms

Drifting through a timeless void the shadows fill my soul
Entering to an ancient realm where darkness lasts forever

On the blackest eve of winter nights the shadows fade away
Over mountains forgotten in time I shall forever be nocturnal