DODHEIMSGARD - Monumental Possession

Utopia Running Scarlet

The lurker in the green sea
shades of a moving object
riches, the temple that approaches
haunts my wishes of this insanity
gorgeous console I place there my claws
those who once ripped out my eyes

I need no longer human senses

Feel it how this can torture
the wagon with imaginations
scary glimpses with dreadful outlines
things I wish not to see

Slaughtering my dearest throne
We will not be affected by this
for the blood of time has fornicated

Our minds, our shell
my only shelter
the dreamt with delight

I see my options
and I choose the tunnel
see what my winged crayons
have painted

Let me shed a tear
and give birth to my sea
The only life is death

The Crystal Specter

Speak of the armer
forgotten by reality
speak of the pearls
in crossing unnatural fragments

Perplex in a mortal disguise suddenly awared
Forbidden alowements in my mindwar
functioning like the scissors cut the tall ones

Due to hunger not in flesh
high as the spears was present always

Cause it wanted me to feel life without life
reborning the slaves
nevertheless dispersal of ironstakes
to have becomed itself... disinfection

The dragon of blasphemy
many others came
but all in one
theres a lot more

My invisible self
has brought to me
a circle to roam

Bluebell Heart

The scares we prayed for
and was given
to rape the mission
of the impaled desiples
and worship him again

We nailed the enemy
dream hopefully and fear the rest
for we look upon the toombs
and dance so they see... we woke it
sweapt in shiny sacreligious
for fading light and its Lord
wondering how the wishes spoke

Weak and wise has left
and touched the shade of my tempted ones
dance on the sheppards shadow
and the heretic eyes who saw the sun

Kept his secret, always

We believed in those of such poems
as grace has left its mark
an error on our dark illusions
we walk by them for a soul to open

Its power saw us grow
as they lay there
rotting in the hands of God

The storm has driven with fury, fall....
again and again for noble halls, screaming...
we heard and spoke to them
for no comforting words to give

We were the shields

When the ancient dwelled in us
and we killed their nextborn in the thronehall
Sons of God die with your once beauty
and feel the blood runs faster

Brighter then they seemed
and held their withered roses
a sign of a dying God

It saw it
bells of them
Possess Me!!!

Monumental Possession

In this undeadly raven eyes
layes winterstones of buried flesh
once held high by mortal men
holy and miserable

Then on my next gravethrone
I choose the thoughts for each colour
thrown upon lovly wall
for graceful visions and dreams

In the tunnel through fantasy and madness
trancemagic of my dimension
silent as the grave

By every passing curl
is each the shadows beneath
my glorious creations

Is my highest immortal
like the roses feared
or have the flute
played us false tunes
in broken glass


Oblivion owned to live
he had never seen his coffin
and what was made from there
he had never tasted his tears

Can we trespass now

Never dream again
cause this world became the dreams
surely he would wonder about his steps
would always remember the past

What past? Times...

(He would strive on and on
collecting his peace entangled
in crayons the most valuable of all)

Out of the dismal mist
covering the crown
he stands like a sculpture
in a flowered garden
black and enameled roses

Can this forsakened deem
lay its hand on the final grasp

Angel Death

Here I was in a distant vision see me come
see me come like a wolf in the wind
to tear this world apart

See me in the gate
in another mirror
laying far above the surface
and from here I come
the vanishing of mercy

See me come
like a wolf in the wind
with the whine of my star
reflect your shape
and your one with the pain
for in my sword
I hide the thruth

See me come
a demon in the storm
pissing on your dreams

Armageddon builds a newborn dimension
for kings and angel slaves

This sun wakened
your time has come
total destruction

The sword is grinded

Angel death
I said to myself
can you memorize
come home with the eyes
where you draw your thorn
to the lords above
make sure they are ready
dead already
ignorant fools

The sword is grinded

Angel death


Lost In Faces

Am I
What is forsakened
canyons of heaven
my passage only
marble the insight
give me back

I know where you have been
drink my acid
the wavy lake of dispear

Facing the reflex
the eyes of death
unity, mental extacy
metallic vains
I am highlife naked
it has no longer flesh

The God was untolerated
no redeem of it's palace

I took another turn
I mingeled with the spirits
made pale as ever before
I brought into my own light

He could have called me
Lucifer eat my movements

For whom the glue slips down
on croshed to the star

Drops of gold
like those who once were gray

This is not a black world

The noises departure of a soul,
released moving, moving
meet me on the moon

Enraptured in astral creations

Unholy distortion
holy for him
black atonements
shifting the grief

The Ultimate Reflection

Over a crystal landscape
we formed the living creatures
and made you wonder
spiteful alien warriors

Kill, they said
and twisted into enigmatic survival
engulfed by supreme art
and a thousand bloody covenants
for intolerants and hate

Threatened ten by ten
that warmed the growing seed
fulfilling the heart of light

I hold the holy in my hands
and all its lifeforms


Sown into my darkest hour
darkest spirit, roams with us
in moonlight dance, the starlight waltz
I grant myself a state of life

Your mountain seemed so high to climb
where I held the light of another world
through the dreamworld cyclone
and rest forever more...