DISJECTA - Repel The Hordes Of Lights

The Eternal Souls Live In Fire

The verdict
has established what
people want to listen to
magic arts and alchemy
burnt the
flame of a passed life
into a doctrine
of thousands of studies

Voracious fire, feed this hatred
Voracious fire, share out hypocrisy

The imminent pole repressed
people's false fears and the fire wiped
no founded tales, because the truth hurts
or it's what people doesn't want

Now the smoke
dulles thoughts dim memories
hide images of a frightened

Who condemns goes on to
another stake
but the fire can't destroy what
he himself has created

When The Pestilence Was Born From A Rib Of Evil

The fear impends
knowledge is not too much
to fight her
fields get dark and the fire

You can't fight what you don't know

Her breath tasfes of death
her veil horribly
dances on faces
the reaper wing of death
has come to reap her victims
it's time to entrust souls

The pain increases
distintion doesn't exist
plague and hunger
don't support racial ideals
famine propagates
everybody is going to die

There won't be more peace
death grows up
the weight of
will rest on
like a capital punishment
the pestilential war starts
life remains
only useless memory

Sunset Of The Human Kind

Waiting for the sunset
we ride
wild steeds
black like death
quick like lighting

Far from people
pround and conce it
we run between
trees of the black forest
of the living forest

Between echos of sounds and missing voices
Between echos of sounds and missing voices
Between echos of sounds and missing voices

We don't have to
justify them
we don't have to give
useless explications

We are able to cross
no return streets
the streets of the sunset

Waiting for the sunset
fall of the light
death of the sun
funeral in happyness
sunset of the
human kind
our life
is out of time

Our looks
under moon
and torches
lighted around
waiting for the sunset
of the human kind

Fall of useless
End of nothing