DHAUBGURZ - Forest Of Souls

The Battle Of The Infernal Souls

Under the kingdom of the winter 
The last infernal battle is next. 
The wind predicts their death 
Raising our victorious swords 

My soul burns in hatred 
For a dark eternity... 
Ancient times want to revenge 
Thousands of souls will descend to hell 

The moment arrives to proclaim my pride 
Descending under frozen mountains 
We shouted the name of our master 
While the heads fall amputated 

Under the eternal rain of the battle 
I give death to my enemies 
Their shouts of pain give forces me 
The red ground will be their tombs 

The winterstorms arrive 
The blood hides their face 
My sword is the guide 
Of the gates of hell 

The blood of their wounds 
It is the symbol of our force 
They are condemned to sleep 
Under our dark earth 

Our horde advances without mercy 
Breaking their skull 
The shouts of the agony, 
Are the songs of the death 

Only suffering surround to me 
Shout to the past my victory 
The battle of the infernal souls 
Arrived at the end 

In The Presence Of The Shadows 

Walk towards the dark forest, 
Under the spell of the moon 
Freezing night., land of shadows 
The cold forest far away where no light exist 

Call your name, the name of the master 
Shout the mighty forbidden phrases 
Where the kingdom of the demons listens 
Take my soul to hell, listen my desperate cries 

I arrive to the dark forest 
Alone in the graveyard 
Where he takes my destiny 
The way of the no return 

In the presence of the shadows 
I cry my blood 
The wolves will be my members 
Desire the will of the master 

My soul shall be immortal, 
My thoughts are dark 
I must die to give him to please 
Come and take my life 

A burial light, one vision of destruction 
On the day of my final sacrifice 
A raven sings my last song 
Possess me as I burn 

The Return Of The Mighty Darkness

In the legend, The Dark Lord, 
Want to give revenge 
He's the power of the almighty, 
Dark everlasting strength 

Shadows from darkness will come 
The death of the hated ones will be imminent. 
In the past, he fought in battles, 
Many victories were obtained 

One night,... 
Traveled to the Forest of The Souls 
Where they condemned 
To him to suffer for always. 

Now he will return, 
To take their souls 
For burn them in hell 
Still their shouts of suffering are listened to. 

While the immense fog covers the mountains, 
The fear freezes the fields 
Their cries are useless, 
Their death is near...