DEMONIC CHRIST - Demonic Battle Metal

We Have Risen

We have risen from frozen tombs
Feeling cold winds
And Octoberís frost
Summoned forth from ancient slumber

We heed Tiamatís call
Elohim falls tonight
Kur will take him
Armies of the dead

Destroy descending angels Now dawns the next millennium
Tiamat reigns again
The virgin mother suffers
And jesus weeps tears of blood

Church Of Profane Masturbation

Disemboweled on the inverted cross christ weeps in pain
As I drive nails into his erect cock I menstruate on his face
Spew a load on the virgin mary her mouth open wide

Blaspheme in the church of god the house of the holy destroyed

Morbid pastor masturbating cum on the altar, so holy
With christ on his mind and his cock in his hand
He performs his sunday sermon

The altar boys beg to be fucked by the one whose so close to god
Priesty gets on his knees as he thinks of skinny "C"
Nailed to a "T"

Deceiving The Heavens

Hear the call of Jehovah priests
Greet his divine descention
Jesus of nazareth comes this night
From the realm of the holy

Gather for his arrival
All await his command
Hundreds of his servants
Await their judgment

All but one
King of jews
Fucking false prophet
I renounce jesus christ

Enter the holy shrine
A mass of fools before me
Unsuspecting of their kind
My blade finds itís mark

Time and time again
Until no holy man still stands
Pazuzu I adore your dark possession
The rivers of blood stain my cloth

All priests have fallen
And I await you - christ!

Nocturnal Empire

Always dreaming never sleeping no reverence for god
I walk the earth a mortal man this land sempiternal
If you could see through my eyes torment suffering

Unimaginable to your mind
Sinful thoughts of lust and sodomy
Embrace my mind as I awaken
To a new world, the old one left behind

I realize Iím the chosen one
I am the one you will fear the most
I am the one who now owns your soul

Lost in a nightmare
I will appear and seek my vengeance
You will never rest again

Enter unto my dream realm
Feel my evil wrath as I take your life
Watch as you bleed writhe in pain for me

Weak - you followed me couldnít live for yourself
Suffer - on the cross watching you die for me

Ruler of a world I created in my mind
Images of a distant past I dreamt for many years
Feeling the power strength within my mind

I begin my slaughter on the frail ones
You cannot hide I laugh as you weep
You chose to oppose me now I seek my vengeance
On your soul receiving the pain

I feel no more Iím master
Now you are mine forever and ever
I am your master - you are my slave
I never wanted to be a god

In a world full of sheep and puppets
That would answer my command
I only want to be free to please myself
You will never see what Iíve seen
Youíre much too weak

Passing Of The Storms

Birth, born into pain
Blackened blood runs thick
Ancient memories of one before
Of the storms that passed with their rage

Dark seasons of the rain
Washing away of the earth
I can see beyond infinity
Blackness devours the sky

I raise my sword to the dead and I command
Destroy those who slaughtered us
I hear all the cries
As the wicked spread their mighty wings

Guided by the darkness
Deliver me unto forgotten lands
I am king of my world
Reclaiming my right to the throne

Shadows of the ancients
Suffocate the earth with rain
Clouded skies surround us
Reopening the passage of time

Set the world aflame they rule again
The scent of burning mortals now begins
Kinguís blood earth - barren waste
Infinity dimensions woven worlds

Cast in the cosmos dominion of the lords
Opening the gateways to countless unknown spheres
Blast of light traveling through blackness
Humans will never conceive the passing of the storms


Blut und Ehre

You tuned your back - walked away
Leaving no regrets behind 
Severing the family bloodline 
Spilling the sacred trust I held 

Torturing your image still taunts 
Deceiving you never believed in me 
Blinded by your disloyalty 
Enemy this pain cannot be undone
Releasing myself

Vulnerable to the games that you play
I will not submit to your power
Strengthening regain respect and pride 
Honouring the power within

Letting go of the destruction you caused
I donít need you and your selfish ways
Youíve fallen way behind
I was always loyal and true to you
My brother my blood my love
And you betrayed me with your lies

The blood was spilled when you stabbed me in the back
Deceiver I will never forgive you
The bloodline was severed with no remorse no contrition

I cannot believe your dishonour
Is this the payment I deserve for giving you all of me 
Eternity infinity in torment
Now it is done
Blood and honour - Blut und Ehre

I would have died for you
I would have killed for you
Cut my own throat for you 
And it was a game to you
Blut und Ehre - Blood and Honour

Walking through illusion not knowing
Feeling pain no control
What once was true proven false
Treachery illusion - all is lost

Emotions overwhelmed continue to torment me
Suicidal visionary passing through the gateway
Back to mortality rebirth a new start
Circle of flesh will I ever learn

This is not a chosen path
Struggling with destiny
Where it ends it must begin
Magickal realms of fate

You turned your back walked away
Leaving no regrets behind
Severing the family bloodline
Spilling the sacred trust I held 

Torturing your image still taunts
Deceiving you never believed in me
Blinded by your disloyalty
Enemy this pain cannot be undone
You will pay the cosmos for the pain you caused