Without Ceremony And Bell Toll

Summer 1657
A tailor's daughter in pain - bewitched
A healer had told that the witch will be revealed
Before sundown a woman known as evil appeard

"That bitch must have done it. She must be offspring of satan himself"

Despite the accusitions she offered to help
And poured a potion all over her
All of a sudden she started to shake
The birth of four frog-like creatures was seen

"She threatened me that inside I would melt 'cos I didn't give her butter" the poor girl yelled
So the witch was bound in heavy chains. And taken to the court as a servant of hell

"I met a mysterious black man. He kissed me and taught how to do harm"

As interrogation and torture went on. Heard the good people of the court horrible things
Thirteen years as a servant of satan. A whole and a right hand to the dark prince

Sabbaths, or devotions to the devil
Were held on a small nearby hill
At the peak of the torment
She turned in a few who had been there

"I met a mysterious black man. He kissed me and taught how to do harm"

343 days she spent in prison. While the court sentenced her to death
A mourning when the summer was at its warmest. She was taken out and beheaded with another witch

Burned to ashes, spat on, despised
Buried into a hole outside of the holy ground
Shamefully she was laid to rest
Without ceremony and bell toll

Inside The Circle Of Stones

A long time ago this stone circle built
The reason behind it remaind a mystery

Why was it built at end of all paths?
On a tiny glade where no one could find

I wondered what was the purpose of this strange cult
To quench the thirst of my curiosity I decided to step in

The very moment I put my feet inside
I lost my consciousness, my sense of reality
It was another world I ended up in
Somewhere far from ours

I flew through a tunnel where voices
Were calling my name enchantingly
Flashes of nightmareous visions 
A man of god would say I still was in hell

Suddenly I found myself in a void
Empty of matter empty of noise
A while I didn't know if I still was flying
Until it began again

It was as sudden when I got back to my reality
Supposedly after rolling out of the circle in the dream
I immediately knew that my knowledge wasn't enough
To research and possess this secret

When I walked away I stopped on a little hill
I saw it again, now also its shape...a five-pointed star

The Crow And The Warrior

Once in the silence of the woods 
In the shadows of a crescent moon

The eyes scan the beautiful nocturne
The ears enjoy silent songs
"I have seen things and heard talks
Thy eyes are blind and ears deaf to

Words carried in the nightly breeze
Images in the autumnal grass"
Once in the silence of the woods
Under the spiral of oaken branches

Breathing slowly, heart pounding weakly
Shadows floating towards his eyes

"I have heard thee come since the moon was full
The owls knew what thou knew not
Oh thee children, thee almighty creatures
Ignorant are thee of thy width of knowledge

Under question should thou place thy concepts
Of ‹bermensch and Untermensch
For man has never, and will never even be positioned

Hath the words of the crow
Vanished with the echo into the night
Descended dark shadows
And covered the eyes

No sorrow felt the old crow
The secrets he revealed would remains as such


Dying To Meet You

In the eyes of the moon I see you
The face that brought my soul joy
In the reflections of the sun I feel you
The cross that brought me hate and pain

To the other side of the river my soul yearns
I am dying to meet you again
To the ruins of what once was a church my soul yearns
I am dying to meet you face to face

I remember the sweetness of the nights
Only me and you and the starlit sky
Now I have swallowed too many goblets
Of the bitter wine of anger you made me to drink

On that night rain fell not
On that night winds blew not
In the thick hot air
One dozen...two dozen
Torches appeared out of the chanting darkness
Simple minds certain of their ways being the best

I recall the last time I saw you
Screaming for me on that torchlit hill
And I sure will never forget you
Not before my sword cuts off your crow

The Preacher Came to Town

A peaceful town down by the lake
A cradle of goodness and righteousness it was said
Quite prosperous one might add
Rye fieds, cattle, and the riches of the lake
Fallacious was their dormancy of shelter
Blindfolded had they themselves with the shadow of the cross

This dormancy lasted until a dusk in August
A preacher came, handsome enough to wet any lady
He was greeted with warmth and friendliness
Though a bit of jealousy showed on the looks of the men

Nobody wondered why she spoke no words of god
And his eyes were glued to women's bodies

Nobody simply paid any attention to it
Especially the women enchanted by his attaractiveness
Until one day the paint on the church walls began to crumble
The crop festered and the cattle began to die
The wives disappeared just before midnight
Only to return before the first rays of sunrise

It began to snow at end of the month
The crop and the cattle dead, ground frozen, famine awaited

Vanished was the atmosphere of honesty and good will
People became wary of each other for anybody could have
Evoked this curse upon them


Burn, Witches, Burn

"He must be the root of all this misery
The ladies, whores, a satan's tool to send us to eternity
Ring, brothers, ring the bells and bring the torches
Let us tie them up to the stake - burn, witches, burn"

Finally the men of the town could point the guilt to someone
Of cource it had to be the stranger
Following their wives at night they had found the orgies
Rituals to bring forth the powers of Hell

"How could you our beloved wives
Grant your bodies to be used to do evil
On him we know no mercy, nor can we give you any
Follow us to the hills - burn, witches, burn"

First they surrounded the guest house where the preacher
Was sleeping off the exertions of the night
A cross-shaped pole they drove through his black heart
Sending him to join his master in the pits of Hell

The few women still considered faithful
Were told to stay at home
While the others were being marched to the hills
These women gathered...

The guilty women of the town were taken to the hills
Where huge bonfires were standing
Tied up to the stakes they were - naked to face the god
In tears they cried: "We were possessed!"

"In the name of the holy trinity
Be purified by these flames
We pray for your souls on your way to damnation
For all the evil you have done - burn, witches, burn"

Witch Hunters

Twenty years had passed, happiness had come back
Only the painful memories were acting as reminders
These was a new phenomenon that made rumours spread
Something was going on in the deep dark woods

A cult curtained in secrety...or evil spirits of the night?
The nature of these mysterious creatures...and their origin were unknown

The cult of witch hunters
The offspring of the preacher and his whores

in the jet-black night of Samhain
The peace and happiness were broken
The demonic hordes from the woods
Stormed throught the town setting it ablaze

"We have come to avenge the death of our mothers
Now you can also get a taste of the Inferno"

The witch hunters marched into every house
Impaling the burners and their kin
The church was burned by their infernal hatred
Women raped by their infernal lust

The men who judged the mothers to be burned
Were treated like the mothers had been treated
After the horrifying hours of torture
They were tied and burned at the stake

After the task was completed the earth started to shake
The remains of the houses collapsed to the ground
The jaws of hell opened right where peace once prevailed
Victorious had the witch-hunt been where the hunter became the hunter