My Eyes Are Frozen

Rape us the time
You bring us this loving wave
Crosses they rose
On our once proud pagan land

Those words they spoke were like 
Needles on my skin
And their blessings were like knives 
Stabbed to my heart

I trusted thee
O heathen men of the north
To hail and fight
And to run them out

Those words they listened were like
Stabs into my back
The baptisms they had meant
That I had lost homeland

Cold winds now freeze my eyes

Now I flee
Out of this shame they caused
I spread my wings
To fly to realm of my own

My eyes are frozen for the icy tears
My soul sheds
For those betrayers that were not
Strong enough to faith

One Son Of The Northstar

One endless cold night
Here I stand following
Thy dark spirit thy faint light
A path across my dreams
Take me far into the unknown fly
Over a desert a snowfield
and dancing woods
I storm the nocturnal sky
In the fiery chariots I ride

My dreams are like thy rays
I see them sink into the sands of time
and fade

My spirit is like thine
Shows only its nightside
Always strong and faithful
and never fails

These snowy woods, this frozen land
Here I stand waiting
For thee to come to show thy face
Over this land
Once heathen once proud
In the icestorms of the cold northern winter
In the snowy hills and dark woods
My heart is forged
And that ice will never melt


Amongst the cold 
Northern mountains
He travells
Wrapped in furs
And armed with a bow
He is the god of winter

Hear me Uller!
Ride by me
in the battles and cover me
With thy mighty shield
O god of winter

Born of the mother Sif
The stepson of Thor
In the cold winter lies his realm
To the vale of Ydalir
His footsteps lead
There he dwells
The god of winter

From The Snowy Hillsides They Came

Via the paths of the four winds
Through the icy valleys and hills
They came led by two ravens
The messengers from the Hall of the Slain
Warriors of a thousand battles
Skalds of a thousnd stories and tales
Riding in a shadow
Which will lie over the christian fame

Hear the dark woods call
Swear for the ancient names
Odin, Thor, Valhalla
Written into the heathen flames
False beliefs fall
Hearts of steel begin to pound again
In my eyes I almost see
Dragon ships setting sails

Fathers, watch us ride
Through the northern storms and freezing winds
We are the horde
That came from the snowy sides of hills
Brothers up there we greet you
Just like you-we will never fail
Sisters, wait for the call
We will come when we hear the Odin`s hail

Via the paths of the four winds

In A Silent Night

Sitting under a pine
The deep silence unbroken around
One dark lake
So plasid, so cold
Descended night
Throws shadows over water
Brown leaves fly
Autumn is turning into winter
What happens around me?
It has no meaning
I sleep in my woe
This is not my world
For my world lies
Beyond other`s reach

Shadows dancing-my throne
My dreams` winterland I behold
Through the gates of time unseen
In a silent night

Somewhere deep inside
In the darkest woods
In the darkest nights
Lies my ancient realm
Where are still places
For me to find

Shadows dancing-my throne


Come Fimbulvetr

The far North
Between the snowy fells
We stand-we think
The times that passed
The times that are gone

For they remind us 
Of the times of glory our pride
When our swords could drink
The blood of the weak

Now they`re all gone
Proud men have flown to Valhalla
Left behind are only memories
That hail us now

We live under a shadow
In depression and woe

There hasn`t been dignity
For a thousand years
There won`t be that`s too much to ask
Come Fimbulvetr

Yggdrasil's Children Fall

Act I: The Death of Balder

Autumn came to an end
And the first snows began to fall
Balder`s face was clouded
The dreams of warning had called
His mother sought oaths
From all things below the sky
To not to hurt her son
To not to let him die

Balder stood there encircled by gods
Thrown with stones, spears and hit with sword
No damage they had caused, not a wound
In jealousy Loki disguised to find why there was no harm
The mother told him that all the things on the earth
Had sworn an oath not to harm nor kill her son
All? , he asked and then she told him 
That only one was too young to swear
And misteltoe was the one

So Loki went across the frosted land
To an ancient tree where misteltoe grew
He cut off a piece and returned to the plain
Where gods still were enjoying their game

Loki saw Hodur the Blind sitting
Outside the ring watching the gods` game
Loki gave him the twig and offered to guide his hand
Pleased Hodur stepped forth and threw the twig across the plain
It hit Balder`s chest piercing
His bright body and he fell onto groud in blood
The laughter and the joy ceased
When Balder`s blood spilled on the pure snow of Asgard

Act II: A Farewell to the Son of Odin

Balder was set into the ship
And there he laid cold with his wife beside him
On his breast were all his possessions
Placed carefully
As the ceremony began
The sun sank low over the icy sea
Two ravens circled in the clear blue sky
Singing their sadness
Thor raised his hammer and blessed the pyre
Waves carried the ship far to the sea
There it burned bright high against the darkening sky
Odin stood…tears falling from his eyes

Act III: Hermod`s Ride to Hel

Through dark howling valleys
Of wind swept desolation
Hermod rode alone
Towards the land of death
Sleipnir`s hooves in fire
Nine days, nine nights
Hermod rode to Hel

On the farthest shore of Gjoll he came
The bridge keeper waited Modgud her name
He asked for the release of Balder
His brother
She recalled and showed him the path
Into the dark

Hermod arrived to the place
At the Hel`s table among the dead
He found his brother sitting
Hermod told Balder
He had came to take him to Asgard
That night they sat
Chatting and recalling past times

He went to Hel and begged her
For Balder`s release
Telling her that all mourned for his decease
She promised, if all things wept for him
He`d be free to return through the valleys so dim

Hermod returned and told the gods what Hel had said
So messengers were sent to all over thr world
And all the world wept for their Balder beloved
Only one old woman refused;
”Let Hel keep what she had”

Act IV: The Bounding of Loki

Soon the gods found that old woman was Loki
Revenge they swore and begin to hunt him
Loki spent days as a salmon in waters
Or as himself in a house
Once the gods found Loki hiding in the river
When he jumped to escape
Thor caught him into his fist
The gods took him to a deep cavern with his sons
One day changed into a wolf
And the wolf devoured other son`s body
The gods took hos intestines
And with them bound Loki to rocks
Skadi hung a snake above Loki`s head
Venom dripping into his mouth
So great was the pain
That when Loki writhed 
All the worlds shook and trembled… 

Act V: The Final Battle

After Balder`s death
The gods withrew from the earth
Evil spread and Fimbulvetr arrived
Battles raged all over 
The wolves rose
One devoured the sun
One the moon
Stars fell crushing onto the earth

Fenris broke his chains
Midgard heaved his body
Drowned the land in waves
Washed the battlefields bloody
Giants marched
Fenris approached
Gjallarhorn`s alarm
Echoed in the air

The armies of dead marched
Lead by Loki the avenger
The battlefield of Vigrid
Will soon bathe in blood
Odin rushed
With a spear in his hand
Behind him came
The heroes of Valhalla

And the battle began 
God against giant
And giant against god
The brave armies clashed
After a long battle
Both giants and gods
Laid on the ground 
Never to rise again…

Act VI: A New Heaven, A New Earth

All the earth burnt in flames
In times the flames will die
One man and one woman survived 
And they shall breed a new race
Vidar and Vali will walk upon a new heaven
They`ll live upon the Ida plain
Where Asgard once was
And re-build it to be 
Far greater than before
Children of Thor will bring their father`s hammer
And Balder will return bright
Leading the gods in the new age
…The new age under the sign of the hammer