DARKTHRONE - Total Death

Earth's Last Picture

We sail the seas of nagativity
To banish kindness from this place
(Sans scruples sans humility)

To behold the fierceness of wolves
Assailing ye saints thoroughy
Sans love, sans compassion

To behold the wails of thine in affright
Whilst evil preyeth upon thy hearts
(Sans warmth, sans pity)

To behold a world darkly astir
Rising in madness and mystery
(Sans light, sans life)

Would ye not fall into pleasant reverie
Than to tremble amidst this old memory?
Alas, for damned thou art... Now ye behold!
Tis the rise of satanic divinity...

Oh, we rejoice at the destruction
Of all ye have ever lived for...

Hark! As lands tremble and empires fall
Ye may hear us laugh with sardonic wrath...
(Tis the voice from the past)

Aye, we can not mourn, for
Never morrow shall dawn
World without end...


The urge... so strong
To do the devils work
The flock of jesus christ
I will rape your souls
till you see the devil clear


Evil wings bring torture from the skies
With a limb so huge
to serve you christian sluts
Penetrate you pure cunt's with might
Now you filthy cun't, do you see the moon
It's glowing for the black wings return


We'll burn your worthless bodies
and send the fire and stench
to heaven high. Remind your worthless
god, that our victory is complete
Clean this earth of holy bitches
Desecrate mother mary


Gather For Attack On The Pearly Gates

Brothers of north, brothers of doom
Ravens has spoke. The attack must begin

The shadows of our warrior souls
will float with infernal speed

Souls of christ prepare for fight
We'll crush your halls with bonechrushing
might supreme

Your feeble cries will not be heard
Since you god lies dead and buried
In the ruins od the pearly

Brothers of north, brothers of doom

Endlessnights of total war
Coming closer
Gather...Hel is calling...gather
Gather for attack on the pearly gates


Black Victory Of Death

Fire I greet Thee
Give life to shadows grim.
So that they may writhe where you dwelt
In life, now dead within

Once mother of all life
Now raped by death
To breed the brethren of black fire

In claw-controle
Neverending bleakness
In the sight of the undead

Black desert of ashes
Under a dark clouded sky
Giving shelter to flesheating flames
Starved since creation

Reign from skeleton thrones
The realm of the beast
Black victory of death
No life in this funeral feast

Majestic Desolate Eye

Desolate winter lifeless
halls of north frozen
eagles and ravens domain

one-eyed master silently
awits to strike at dawn

hordes will fight and come
forth from dark hidden places
Ready to kill

March to war for the eternal
Northern sky



In quest for shudders I was as the absence
melted in my hand
As clear as my gleaming sorrow

A spectral fascination
For irony to serve
-Are the glorious those who triumph
in the kingdom of eternity?
....a castle of sand....
whose roof has sheltered me
I sense: "The absence of triumph and lust
abruptly rising to cover the glory in sand"

A whore gave birth to th flies...
...who flew away with my beauty
A virgin gave birth to my masks

I simulate the absence:
"To enter a kingdom of
flesh - a ghastly worn shadow
A flery picture of a poet in hell"

Forlorn I was as poets should be
I am as chosen as the weaver himself


I dype juvet, ein stad i Noregs land
talose de samler sine
ravnsorte vinge
Der akter de at radslage
For tid at komme
Minnes pest, ukristen tid
Tidens begynnelse
Tidens slutt de a vil forme
Baerere av sorg
Baerere av hat
Baerere av forakt
Baerere av ukristen tid

The Serpents Harvest

Feel the burning flame
As the sun in the desert sand
Sense the grief as the knives of torment
Shreds your soul
Behold the harvest storm of spiritual rape
Hordes from infernal wastelands united
Under blackend wings
Souls under the serpents banner
With common flesh
But a heart of scorn and painfull anger

Orgy of destruction - a "gesture of might"
Gaze at the grey sky - hatred and poison

And from the vast towers of the underworld
One could see shadows of Them in dark
Caves and endless halls
Trample down the bronze gate of tartaros
Patient earthly men with (raised) bloodfilled
Greeting Their arrival for the battle of the
Ages is at hand, and when the garish slave
Of the seeds of life has turned into a
Torrent of blood and the wolf has eaten the

Stare into the galactic fog
Armageddon has been achieved