DARKTHRONE - Soulside Journey


Into The Abyss I Fall...
And Dark is The Reich of The Dead
A Portal To Reach To The Side
Where bodies Fall From The Sky
Solitude And Peace of Mind
Entomber in Cromlech
Yes, Flee over The River Styx
And join The Dead With joy
An Ocean of Blasphemy
Heathenish Realm
And "Do What you Wilt" As Decoy
My Prophecy Is True
We'll Make It Through

Sunrise Over Locus Mortis

The Dark And Cold Wastelands of
Grey Dust Softens When my Downturned
triangular teardrops Covers The Ground
This Secret Got Lost To The Sheperd's Flock
My Burning Skin Connects With The
Sands of Time And thus The Holy Angels Appear...
"Drag Them Through The Mud" I Cried
"Instead of Me"
"This Is not The Death I Chose 
Your christian Trials Are Wrong!
I Speak of What I Want
And My Heart Lies Therein
Blackened You Say 
Then Black Is My Way
And Call Me An Enemy 
I Shall Only Stand proud
Awaiting The Rise of The Darkside
Sunrise Over Locus Mortis

Soulside Journey

I Have Had this Vision
of A voyage In Mind And Soul
Through Silent Somniferous Scenes
Within The Closest Chambers of My
Untouched Spiritual Experiences
Soaring Through Damp Air, Seeing
Faces, Twisting, plunging Through My Colour.
Cosmic Fear Arrives; I Hold A Dead one,
Surrounded By Many Candles
(I Burn To Cleanse The Air)
Rotten Unreal Sacrifice Nightmares
Unreal Psychedelic Journey
Ride The Darkside
Search The Soulside

Neptune Towers

Landscapes of Frozen Methane;
Vast Fields of Blue Dust Before My Eyes
I Was Sent Here To Describe And Tease
The Minds of The Fantasy Kings (of My Homeland)
On A Ship of Curiousity I Sail
(Oh) What Treasure Can be Found Here
And Why Must My Eyes Face This
Unearthly Show of Morbid Climate
Behind The Neptune Hillsides
They Say The Towers Stand Tall
Built By Hands Dissimilar To Mine
And Brought Alive By Hearts of
Ancient Alien Cultures

Sempiternal Past/ Presence View Sepulchrality

Oh, Once Again I Kneel Before This
Out In The Moist, Chilly Forest I Proclaim
The Autumn Leaves That Fell
And Those Who Still Attach The Trees
The Breeze That Blew My Hair
The One I've Known Through
All These Years...
The Song I Never Forgot 
A Past That Now Is Lost


Grave With A View

I Am Allergic to My Own Tongue
Licking My Wounds, End Up In Tears
I Sweep My teeth In Yellow Spit
Rotting christ Before My Eyes.
I Spit In The Mouth of The Priest 
Revenge For Those Who Died
So What If I'm Fuckin' Insane
I'll Fucken kill Ya Anyway!
My Very Heart Blows Out of My
Fucking Chest
And The Beams Go Wild Against The
Brown, Brown Wall
I Hope They Give Me A Grave With A View...

Iconoclasm Sweeps Cappadocia

Burn The Crucifix.
Cremate The Soul of The Virginborn
Freeze The Shadow of Ashes And Let
It Float Away By The Thunder Listener's
Intense Eyelash Movements Under Their
Concentration To open The Cosmic Lid
Crush Not Only Our Surrounding Walls
of Curiosity, But Also The Hordes
of Blind Believers

Nor The Silent (Whispers)

The Open Road
Like A Blue horizon
And you Could See For Miles
And We Should Bring Our Hearts
The Top of The White trees
Would Mean Nothing
To Us
Nor The Silent Whispers
From The Souls of Glass

The WatchTower

Nocturnal Flight, No Shadows Cast
A Distant Symbol of Our Beyond
Life Lies In Front of Us
Sacred Ground, Rotten Earth
Ashes To Dust
Flesh Decomposed
Caressing The Sacred Ground
Where The Deadened Corpses Lie
A Sepulchral Misty Night
With A Wiff of The Macabre
Silently Watching The Stones
Put There As A Symbol of Death
Our Minds United; A Force Is Lit,
And Insight Creates
A Humanoid Watch Tower, Reaching For
Their Souls To The Sky,
For A Glance Onto
The Other Side