DARKTHRONE - Panzerfaust

En Vind Av Sorg

En vin av sorg
La seg tungt
De eldstes hus

En reim av frost
Pa en allerede frossen sjel
Et savn av hyllest
Fra disse de edle sinn

Minnes de svundne tider
Et hav av tid
Har gaet siden den gang
Norroners tro og skikk

Til skogen hjem en kom
Og trakk luften inn
Her lukter der lristen manns blod
Igler pa vare hjerter

Triumphant Gleam

Bearer of sword
Stands beyond (the) triumphant
As eternal night falls
On the planet of (almost full) void

Weaves war with a gesture of might
Fallen are the souls
Blinded by the warrior dreams
Finds the star invisible
To most of regular men and slaves

And the master serves him

Leaves then for the last time
Finally his castle
Monument of misanthrophy and wrath
Loyal friends of his sober hours
Treads on while the faith whips
Mental pain makes his eyes gleam
A light made of Dark Thrones and frozen winds
Now can leave the planet

The Hordes Of Nebulah

Scent of (the) flying shadows
Are in the eyes of the vast uranus
For these eyes have seen 
The horses of the universe fade away

Oh, father (the) fog of Nebula
Your faithful children have escaped
The walls of eternity
The elders curse-
Like snow of the solstice of the sun

And what eyes of uranus can see
Far yonder in the shade of the walls
Was happening milleniums ago
So whatever lies beyond the gate
It lies in the past

Oh, we are the hordes of Nebula
Having travelled through an eternal sea of void
We glance upon a distant light
Star in the far; Ye mighty sun
Will you die before we reach you?
Are you a fatal result of the laws of distance?
The swords of time are pointing at our hearts
The grass here seems Raped
As we face eternal misery


Eight miles deep the well forgotten by mortals
Oh. I drank it empty in one single sip
Eight miles wide the valley beyond all hope
Oh. I filled the whole with one single fist

Five million christians on a ride towards us
Oh. I slaughtered the bunch with one single hit (with my spear)
Five million women so alone in the night
Oh. I had them all satisfied profusly (every night by myself)

Ten thousand trolls hard as rock cold as ice
Oh. I they ran when I rose to face them
Ten hungry waves they swallowed my ship
Oh. I steadily walked by home (and I only got wet on my feet)

Bo single book were behelden by me
Oh. No question I can not answer
Only one single lamp do show me this way
And that is the eye of Satan

Beholding The Throne Of Might

When hell calls your name
There's no way back
And the burning slaves
and the burning holy
Will be seen from afar
As the new risen throne (star)
And when the fires have burned
Beholding seas of ashes
And roll the (ir) blooded flesh
On holy areas now cold
And dead
And flowers smell of black
Now emperor of no light
And pain
For the eternal slaves
The envy of losers so indeed upon losers themselves
And destruction upon the holy man
Who hails a
Join us We are (the) future Now
Be desecration master
Be the hammer
The hammer