Engulfed in frost
I sailed our dreams
gloomy inner landscapes come to life

I am the wolf in the darkest scene
Phantasms sweep my role
I am Lucifer, I bring you light and pride

Three steps for the white
A journey for the black
No flags for the tens lines
(but) I'll shoot you full of signs

In other dimensions
My visions grew black wings

Pure Demoniac Blessing

The dragon rises before me
I'll fornicate the beast
come to me
possess me as I burn
into your painted realms

Come raging chaos
rule power from your soul
pure demoniac blessing
as I kill myself in woe
(as I kill myself in woe)

As souls coloured the face of the moon
shall suffer the eclipse

You must know that I can no longer see
the difference of dream and reality

For the walls have been sieged
and banished by our Dark Satanic Blasphemy

(The) Grimness Of Which Shepherds Mourn

I stand alone
in a valley filled with starlight
my eyes suffer
from eternal sparks

So shut the lids and dream so I can see
the trident clearer than ever now

And in my darkest fantasy
And as I reach for Hell
In my darkest fantasy
I reach for Hell
and I am free...

Sadomasochistic Rites

Hearses are raining
from the open sky
reigns supreme

Chilled in horror - Christian Death

They leaned too long to stand a fall

I bend to receive
the lust and pain
beat me Jesus
and we will win

As Desertshadows

I must embrace visual hell to satisfy us
Rape the Whores in Blasphemy
I am Him while I feast upon your flesh

Glance into my eyes
and see the darkest shadows dancing
playing in the desert of my life
burning - and my soul is descending

Glance into my eyes
and see the darkest shadows dancing
into the night

In His Lovely Kingdom

Lover of all
face the Apocolypse
you fade away under the black rain
and flowers remain

Flowers to step on
flowers to burn

Am I ready for the god below
red flesh to penetrate my skin
to steel my soul away
to the grave I seek
until I'm feeling weak

But there's fire
in my heart, in my eyes
in his body, in his eyes
and in his lovely kingdom

Black Daimon

It's been years
Since I discovered the other world
The other world
where shadows draped to our feet

Possess me

I pretend
but daemons
I can only
dream of

In coldness and darkness
I know I'm possessed

are what we all see
dead or alive

We're alive
but our truth is dead

For all to see

when it's cold and dark
possess me

Green Cave Float

I am the thousand storms of the black heart
I am the desert of redemption
I soar on dead wings of sin

I am freedom with cracked virginity
arrows of my erection, fade to hear me
but the ones who came with fear and hate

Kiss me!
Deep, long and hard

Those who summon

Be the scheme at the jinx of jewish fairy tales
is salt upon every soul held by your life

And I wonder
who seeks desolation
to my eyes, holds a vision
embrace last away