My eyes are closed the day has gone by
the stars will rise on the blackend sky
And as I dream the nightmare never ends
I will enter Shadowland

The forests dark eternal fires burn
in my dreams a path without return
moving shadows thrown by the moonlight
in caverns of foulness cold as ice

Chaos creatures surround my
the curse of sleep has bound me
I can see the shadows rising

A cloak of black, spreading darkness
eyes of fire, blazing madness
burning... suffering...

Just take a look at my eyes
the hellfire will make you die
a breath of mine will cover you with frost
a spell of mine and you will turn to dust
obey me... forever
stay with me... forever

I can see the eyes of hate... is it too late
shadows hunting me... there is no escape
I can feel the sphere of cold... behind me
there must be a way out... but I canīt see

Landscapes, moving... reality, twisting
the touch of a cold hand
trapped in shadowland

My eyes are closed, the night has gone by
the sun will rise, on the daylight sky
and as I dream, the nightmare never ends
dying in shadowland

He takes me by my hand
he guides me to the promised land
the gates are shut behind me
darkness is the last thing that I can see
he takes me away...

Beyond The Night

But see, beyond the darkness there is light

I leave the shadow portals behind, they're soon so far away
Arrive, where they call my name, is this reality
This place, it seems so intimate, have I been here before
Visions of my journey through the dark, all memories are gone

Lonely in this strange forgotten world
Everything I know is so far away

My eyes are are closed again, but this is no dream
there is no noise to hear, exept my begging scream
Deceaesed by this misleading light
Imprisoned by that eternal night

Live or death, paradise or hell
Is this still live or is this death
am I in paradise or in hell
here is no guide who shows the way
I'll never see the light of day again