CRAFT - Total Soul Rape

Death To Planet Earth

Death to planet earth. 
Human scums infect your mind. 
Sodomize the earth and let your hatred be your guide! 
There is nothing more to see, nothing worthy your beliefs. 
Terrorize their world and see their hierarchy fall down! 
Co-operate with all Satanic forces of the world! 
Death to planet earth! 
Blood stained whores! 
Beings of our works: make dreams reality! 
Crush the unpure race of god! 
Death to planet earth! 
Assault those whores! - Fall down on the ground! 
Rape their minds! 
Death to planet earth!

Kill Everything

Fire, floods, devastation, murder, rape, obliteration, revolution, hate. 
Hell, heaven, collision. Beautiful diseases. 
You deserve all my praise, for I have seen the wornderful ways You erase! 
All deaths come as such release... 
Kill anything. Kill everything! 
Any god serves me that serves my beliefs

Total Soul Rape

Deepest cold to ever grace the land of planet earth, 
Purest cleansing Hellfire to burn the mark of hell (upon man). 
Hear my call!! 
Deepest trace to ever possess minds of man, 
Purest noxious water to wipe out hordes and tribes. 
Ugliest work of art and violence ever seen by motal men. 
Prepare for total soul rape! 
Ugliest work of death and horror ever seen by men. 
Prepare for total soul rape!