CRAFT - Terror Propaganda

The Silence Thereafter

The feeling as if cold, jagged steel was carving your flesh 
The knowledge of order, chaos and all in between 
The awareness of a cold world in which no one breathes 
And with yearn 

The loneliness of a universe of unlimited creatures 
The undiscriminating hate, the curse of being a god 
The melancholy of ghosts haunting wherever we go 
We are their castles 

The phantoms of other times finding it's ways through the mist 
The useless excellence of a world without soul, without hope 
The violent, ghastly storms of rage 
And the silence thereafter

Reaktor 4

Burn our earth to waste, scourge 
Monstrous nuclear waste 
Cancerous diseases and nuclear bliss 
Mother nature's creatures entwined and sick 
Oh, you darkened waste 
Make our earth unhealthy 
Scourge the soil of god 
Your radiation of immense power 
The wind will pass it

False Orders Begone

Once you can see 
The sun rise from the earth 
Direction to the sky 

And once you can feel 
Rain fall down on your skin 
Once you have skin 

(in pain... in blood...) 
In what you have blessed 
(in blood...) 

What you have is eternal 
You have the pain in my 
In my... world 

Pain of the memories, of the ruthless world 
Which once were in the hidden order 
War soldiers run remembering the war 
The emptiness swallowing... all


Do you feel the foul stench in the air? 
Like corpses left to rot in the sun 
Nearly dead parasites trying desperately to survive 
It smells like humans

Terror Propaganda

We are messengers 
Of future times to die 
We will show you the way 
And you need to follow us 

This is the dawn of your race 
And the dusk of your enemies 
For they will need to be killed 
Killed... killed... killed... killed 

Killed forever in eternity 
We rage forever in eternity 

This is the beginning of the end