COUNTESS - The Return Of The Horned One


I came to the old house in the dark night 
I felt only a dark sensation, but no fright 
The strange old man's words ran through my mind 
In this unholy place, what would I find? 

I entrered the mansion, thinking I was alone 
I saw a strange, ancient gravestone 
Suddenly a woman's voice whispered my name 
Or was the old man playing a silly game? 

Aleidis came to me unimaginably beautiful 
Dressed in white, while the moon was full 
Suddenly I felt overcome by an unholy desire 
But was she just young or an ages old vampire? 

Maybe she was just a portrait, or a figment of my sick mind 
But whatever the truth, she was the best wife I'd ever find 
I loved hre in a way I had never even known 
But would the blood my love needed soon be my own? 

She used to kill animals and suck their blood 
She belonged to Satan, her soul lost by God 
One day at last, she made my neck her unholy teeth feel 
Now we are joined for eternity, but is this all real? 

Fire & Blood

Mountains engulfed by darkness 
Campfires blazing in the night 
Ten thousand warriors gathered 
The fires their only light 

Now let the sacrificial blood flow 
To appease the war gods 
A great battle is at hand 
We must fight against the odds 

The enemy awaits us 
Ahead lies victory or death 
Steel cuts through flesh 
Breathe your last breath 

Blood flows everywhere 
The woods are turning red 
Spears fly and hammers clash 
My sword severs your head 

Force of life and omen of death 
Blood colours my sword red 
We find glory on this battlefield 
Where so many fought and bled 

Once every man must die 
If not by the spear by old age 
Worthy are only honour and pride 
So on the battlefield I rage

Ritual Of The 7 Priests

Blasting through the blackened sky 
Knowing not but knowing still 
Lost all sense of place and time 
Yet filled with an evil thrill 
Awakening in the black cathedral 
Departing the dimensional gates 
No need for any explanation 
Knowing the task that awaits 
Full moon shines in utter darkness 
The hour of midnight drawing near 
Tonight 13 the bells will chime 
Tonight the holy tremble in fear 

Behold the 7 innocent maidens 
Behold the 7 velvet altars 
Behold the 7 southern crosses 

Behold the 7 evil priests 
Behold the 7 silver chalices 
Behold the 7 silver daggers 

Sacrifices have been made, thunder and lightning appear 
Rejoice in hideous blasphemy, know that the time is near 

The chosen hail the Master well, lusting for hate and scorn 
Crying out in evil ecstasy: "The Antichrist is born!"

The Wolf Cries Evil

Straying through the dark forest 
The night so black, the mist so cold 
A lonely path to destiny 
Feel evil's desperate hold 
Feel the presence of the wolf 
As the hunter roams the silent woods 
A fire burns, close yet so far away 
Men they dance in robes and hoods 
And the wolf cries...evil 

The wolf cries evil 

A thick blanket of fog covers all 
Feel the darkness all around 
Breathe the evil, be the darkness 
Forever and ever and ever Hellbound 
Become one with all darkness and evil 
Join the pack, howl in the night 
Hail the Master for all eternity 
No more fear, no more fright 
And the wolf cries...evil 

The wolf cries evil 


Tread the Path of Destiny 
Walk under the Sign 
Guided by the light of Set 
Will the moon ever shine? 

Eternal desert lies ahead 
The smile of Azazel 
Whisper an ancient incantation 
Cast an unholy spell 

Descend into the darkest chamber 
Celebrations of sin 
Worship of Evil so much older 
Than Prometheus' kin 

Weird reality surrounds the chosen 
Deep in Midgard's womb 
Taste the smell of absurdity 
In this infernal tomb 

Manifestation on the altar 
Pray to eteranl truth 
Sacrifice through fear and lust 
Virgin flesh so smooth 

Awake in forest of nowhere 
Symphony through the haze 
Innocent blood drowning your soul 
The skyline is ablaze


Since Man Has Wielded Swords

Since man has wielded swords 
Man has gone to war 
Since man acquired speech 
He has lied for evermore 
Since Abel was struck by Cain 
His brother man has slain 

Since man has wielded swords 
Man has battled for power and fame 
Since man acquired fire 
He has set the world aflame 
Since Eve led Adam to sin 
Man's dark desires will always win 

Bloed In De Sneeuw

Oude toortsen zijn opnieuw ontstoken 
Onze ketenen voor altijd gebroken 
Niet langer door valse moraal geknecht 
Halen wij met vuur en staal ons recht

Bloed vloeit in de sneeuw 
Hoort 't gebrul van Neęrlands leeuw 
Ziet de laffe verraders beven 
Beter vrij te sterven dan geknecht te leven 

De slavenkoning en diens volgelingen 
Zullen wij verslaan met magische ringen 
Tot Wodan bidden wij andermaal 
Onze zielen en zwaarden hard als staal 

Door mist en regen, wind en kou
Rijden wij trots, gelaten zo grauw 
Grimmig en o zo vastberaden 
Ditmaal kennen wij geen genade 

Donar zal ons weer beschermen 
Onze vijanden zullen kermen 
Onze zwaarden rood van bloed en roest
Nu gebeurt wat gebeuren moest 

Het rijk van Jehovah is gevallen 
Ziet de lijken van zijn vazallen 
Gezuiverd is nu onze geboortegrond 
Ziet de nieuwe heidense morgenstond