CIRITH GORGOR - Unveiling The Essence

Conquering The Shadowworld

Wandering draped in smothered moonlight
Distant memories consume my mind
Amidst these blackened ancient woods
The profound smell of grievance slumbers
Unfolding dreams seem vague but still
As the fields of old draw near
And these mountains I still recognise
(Bloodstained memories emerge)

"I see a maiden, young and fair, falling lifeless to the ground
A gleam once touched her face and hair yet now is nowhere to be found
Slain by black, audacious steel, her earthly ties are torn
Hatred chose her fate to seal through this malicious scorn"

A flash turns fire into stone
The gruesome dark of night weighs stronger
Striding forth through veils of fog
Unable to conquer my shadowworld
A sudden outburst lights the sky
Reveals the tortured ground I stand
Once again my body trembles
And longhidden visions come to mind

"I see her face cast into stone, engraved in darkness since that day
Under a moon so blue and roan her purest splendour fades away
But behold a cosmic sign as swirling clouds pass by
A new-born, bright star burns in line and lightens up the astral sky"

After all these years that passed
Here over the fields of old
I stumble upon an ancient stone
The air around it dead and cold
Suddenly all is clear to me
As the shadowworld opens its gates once more

Unveiling The Essence

...A starlit path
Leads me to a darker place
Which shall reveal to me its true face
Its mask it wore too long...

Of grotesque forests and ancient trees
Grinning faces carved in wood
The scars of time mark their shadows
Yet young in an infinite way they stood
Unveiling the essence of majesty and pride
As if it was a strange mist over all land
Which flees with the rays of a new dawn
Still knowing that it will be overruled by a new night

Is it melancholy that is lurking behind every stone
The subtle embodiment of yearning and death
Overshadowing life like a night so eternal
Causing all meaning to cease, so it seems
Or shaping a new state of perception and dreams

Craving to dethrone all elements
That in perilous ways hide and cloak
Grinning invincible, darkness impenetrable
Yet drowning in knowing its fate
That once the true essence will be unveiled
...Like the rays of a new dawn

Yet night is the hunter for all...

Bellum Germanicum

In memory of the Germanic tribes whose spirit still burns in me, And will never fade
away, hail to thee

"Bezit sterft, families sterven
Jijzelf zult sterven als zij
Maar een ding weet ik, dat eeuwig leeft
De heldenroem van de dode."

From this grey land of mist and rain
Batavian blood still flows through my veins
Barbarism, is what I adore
Time after time, it leads me to war.

"Veni, vidi, vici..."
Is what you said old Roman emperor
Ik kwam, ik zag en overwon
Is what we say today... ha ha
Reunited Germanic tribes
Proud and strong, like we've never been away.

Batavieren, Eburonen,
Nerviers, Friezen en Teutonen,
Verenigt u en sta als een
Want angst, dat kennen wij voor geen!!!

Germanic tribes unite your forces
Take up your arms and ride your horses
Raise your swords engraved with (mighty) runes
Perpare yourselves when you hear the battle tunes

Impetuous, stormy and combative
Will lead us to apocalyptic violence
Totally controlled by a blind pugnacity
Yes, that will be the "Bellum Germanicum"
Just after that we will be free
Oh... "Bellum Germanicum"... finally

Ik kwam, ik zag en overwon
Is what we say today... ha ha
Reunited Germanic tribes
Like we've never been away!
"Bellum Germanicum"

Northern Spell Of Warcraft

Centuries have past
But wars did never last
Banners of war were raised
And will be raised again
An ever-recurring ritual
So malicious, but inevitable

When the northern spell of ice
Turns skies into a crimson veil
Our blood will crystallize
Spell-bound by a wizard's seal

Hatred in our eyes
Warcraft never dies
Poisoned world of lies
Our warcraft never dies!

With chain and axe in hand
Fighting for, where from we descend
Our forces will never last
Equally wars from a distant past

Infernal legions straight from hell
Spell-bound by the northern spell
Warriors of a black horizon
Fighting until Armageddon

Hatred in our eyes
Warcraft never dies
Poisoned world of lies
Our warcraft never dies!

Fires are raging
Armageddon is fought
A new dawn rises
Like the ancient scalds taught

Into A Nightly Silence

They are dark, the mystical purple shining skies
Fictional reality images, that only the night has the power to create
Blackening of the sun, the day slowly dies
Feeling frozen as I stand, feeling the sinister ambiance
This night made, not knowing what to await...

Mysterious Beauty... the truth my dreams foretold
An inner fire burns strongly within this shell of flesh
And expels the outside cold
The empires of a silent path,
Leading through the infinite ways of my wrath

Shining bright, her eyes in which I gaze,
Dreams as prophecies reflecting in her face
Sinking deeper and deeper into the silence of the night
Embracing this moment being held in her might
...Reaching the depths of my soul...

Those moments in the silence of the night,
Wandering through a world beyond the knowledge of mankind
Will these moments last eternally?

Hear myself breathing... feel my heart pounding... its rhythm mesmerizes me
Experiencing the night as it was meant to be
Together alone standing aflame, overwhelmed by the powers of the night
Body and soul bound together as one, and thoughts of times-to-come driven aside
A life beyond, with the desires of dark passion shall be the whole,
Timeless ways of the soul...

Touched by the fire, now in my spirit engraved
Undeniable, through this night forever enslaved

In these moments in the silence of the night,
I live in a world beyond the knowledge of mankind
These moments shall last eternally

A Twilight Serenade

Through utter darkness we roam

And we breathe the air of this autumn evening.
So bright, the cold breeze fills our hearts with ice
And we hear the trees whisper and the spirits sing.
The perfume to smell is full of enchantment
A warm secret surrounded by cold.
And these woods are our own eternity
Under a starry sky in a dream so old.

Then, nightfall, enthralled by bloodthirst
An eternal enigma, yet a hymn to those
Who passionately roam, cloaked by the nightsky.
Come on Bacchants, let us hunt in sigh.
"Follow the Night-Hag, when call'd in secret
Riding through the Air she comes
Lur'd with the smell of infant blood, to dance
With Lapland Witches, while the labouring Moon
Eclipses at their charmes."

Our crimson quickening, whispering through their veins
Like the funeral winds whisper through the leaves.
We will hunt them for eternity, our jewels come forth of their fear
And we drink their spirits like wine, celebrating their misery.
...Every night we die in a passionate melancholy...

The Stormrulers (The Art Of Megalomania)

Once there was a time
When we would wander through landscapes
Which seemed infinite under the light
Of a sun that was to be murdered by the darkness of night
Like a knife it cut us free
Allowing us Earth's secrets to be seen

The wind carries our soul through the air
Sanguine creatures we have never been
The way that lies ahead of us
Is covered with mysterious melancholy
Draped in nightly enigmas, only for us to see

And long journeys we travel
Their horses sweating when we arrive
Our coming carves fear in their hearts
And men weapon themselves in fright
We are cloaked by darkness, under pitch-black skies
And storms sweep over their lands
Their steel is useless against our might
Never again will it shine in the bleak moonlight

The wind carries our soul through the air
The east we'll destroy, the west will obey
The north we'll possess, the south we will slay

Leaving behind lands in decay
Creating a morbid light on our path
Wandering so exalts our existence
We are the withering flowers on their grave

...And storms sweep over their lands...

And long journeys we travel
Their horses sweating when we arrive
Our coming carves fear in their souls
As our swords shine in the bleak moonlight