CIRITH GORGOR - Onwards To The Spectral Defile

The Declaration Of Our Neverending War

I will have no mercy
For this moslim bane
In my darkest fantasies
They will die in pain

Rulers of the seas, the mountains and the sky
Strong pagan warriors, not afraid to die
Hearts filled with pride and wargods on our side
Recapturing our might, by desecrating Eastern light

Icewinds blowing in your face
Trying to stand my disastrous mace
Unable to stand it anymore
We will win this eternal war!!!
And as we've conquered this world of lies
I speak my freezing incantation
Which turns this world in a world of ice
A world without any... salvation!

Rulers of the seas, the mountains and the sky
Strong pagan warriors, not afraid to die
Hearts filled with pride and wargods on our side
Recapturing our might, by desecrating Eastern light

Watching those beneath me
Noticing how they struggle
Trying to stand my blasphemy
Avoiding to be trembled
Neverending hate
Against the Eastern enemy
Before it will be too late
And they will spread more misery

Wodan, Odin, god(s) of wisdom
Riding Sleipnir through the sky
Guided by your darkest ravens
Your spirit will never die!
I raise my head to the cold blue sky
Even so I do with my sword
I have the power, I cannot die
This was given to me by the thunderlord!

Winter Embraces Lands Beyond

They ride upon infernal dragons, mighty beasts
And one of them is carrying a lance and a banner
And is chosen under the power of Amaymon
"Art thou Asmoday?"
"And he giveth the ring of virtues and
guardeth the place where treasures lie"

And when the clouds get dark and vast
Our aspirations penetrate infinity
And our voice will be heard and feared
As the gloomy sky turns in a carmine dream

The other one is carrying a viper
And he is a strong and mighty duke
"He shalt declare wittingly how the spirits feel"

And as the sky turns in a carmine dream
The legions of infernal spirits dwell
Ruled by the great king of the east
As Bael speaks he casts his spell
And winter embraces lands beyond

"Art thou Asmoday?"
Under Amaymon they all dwell
And you shall feel their presence
When winter embraces lands beyond

Through Burning Wastelands

Passing fields where once was joy
They felt the mighty emperor's wrath
Through woods of eternal winter, wolves howl
An everlasting serenade to praise the demonkind

They know who I am, for they are damned for life
Do they know me from a distant past, from ancient times
Or have they seen me in a future in their dreams?

All the innocent will be burned, for I kill and conquer
The snow turns red, the lakes turn black
The skies now stand ablaze and swords
Are raised to hail thee, for thou art back

Now the sun has failed, a waxing moon
Now rules the sky, once ablaze, now grey and cold
Wolves howl day and night, and the weak ones flee
Where is their god as their end is now to see?

All the innocent will be burned, for I kill and conquer
The snow turns red, the lakes turn black
The skies now stand ablaze and swords
Are raised to hail thee, for thou art back

Behold his throne, a majestic shade in the night
Their screams are heard, but there's nothing they can do
For we, stormrulers of the two-horned empire
Now wander eternal and all the lands we rule

Sons Of The New Dawn

The Warlord weaves his web of fear.
Each man receives his faith of share.
A blood-red sun is the warriors shield.
The eagle scans the battlefield.

From a beautiful dark past,
when the Earth was young and pure.
We'll go into a disgraceful future,
where everything we own is lost.

But we are the Sons of the New Dawn.
Under the sign of the hammer,
we'll take back what us belongs,
warriorsouls longing for revenge.

We are guided by the Warlord,
so comrades take up your shields.
And raise your swords high to the sky,
for we will rule the battlefields!

Just like Autumn dies and Winter follows,
our Winter is beyond.
Let's rebuild our dynasty,
with pagan souls and immortal beauty.

Fight, my warriors fight.
Fight for the heathen pride.
Hail, my warriors hail.
And don't let this mission fail.

Remember, death is the element we do not fear.
Stand strong with pride, and never surrender.
My mighty warriors, our empire is near.
For we do accept the rules of nature.

Oh, magnificent Gods of War;
let us be victorious.
And may we find our paradise
in the eternal spheres of ice.

For we are the Sons of the New Dawn.
Hailing under the sign of Mjollnir.
we will rebuild our dynasty.
Young and strong, to infinity!

Darkness Returns

When the leaves fall from the tree
And the sun shines not as strong as it did before
You can feel the wind is getting colder
The days become shorter, every night

The freezing wind rages through the trees
At this time dark powers unite
We exist to reach our desire
The end of daylight

Darkness has returned...

Lightning in the blackened sky
Black clouds quickly passing by
The moon sometimes appears
Rain falls down like little tears

The summer has disappeared
And winter has returned to earth
Winter's darkness rules every night
The end of daylight

Now the sun is out of sight
Finally darkness has returned
This is what we were waiting for
Our desire, for the dark

Wandering Cirith Gorgor

Six roses of damnation
thorns of oblivion, dreams unfold.
Stars enlighten a darkened sky
like reminders of ancient stories, still untold.

As shadows dance through the landscape
the dreamy spires now grow bold.
Like statues of gods once fighting autumn wars,
the remains shaped in purest gold.

Silver is the eye that sees it all
reflecting its light on marbled stone.
The beauty of night oppresses his thoughts
at once an eclipse darkens the halls.

He wanders beyond the gates to their kingdom
through cemetaries of dismal dreams and misery.
The snow-covered mountains, so dark and cold
lay hidden in the silence of a deathlike eternity.

The smell of passion and gloomy romanticism
laying over the dusk-filled gardens:
Gardens drenched in the colours of temptation
but hidden in the music of the dead.

The wanderer goes on and on
his kingdom will never be theirs, never.
In bittersweet desire, grim and everlasting
through all times he wanders, alone and forever...

Wandering Cirith Gorgor
Walking the path to Gorgoroth
Wandering Cirith Gorgor
Walking the path of the dead

Ephel Duath (A Warrior's Tale)

(Chapter 1:)
The warrior's fight with the unearthly forces of the caves of death.
The fight lasts for months and is challenging for both the warrior's physic
and mental strength.
Eventually he manages to resist the murderous forces of death.
Hail to the immortal warrior spirit...

Dwelling in the caves of Ephel Duath
There lies his throne, drowned in anxiety
Worlds below got overwritten by the domains of silence
(They lead us to) the crown of immortality

Shapeshifting images of misty morning battles
As you dwell through the eternal caves of death
Divine pictures (as) carmine litanies in reverse
Sons of dragons, perpetually cursed

Gazing in a dream of suffering
A midwinter tear's epilogue
Dwelling through ghastly chambers dark
Infinity passes in neverending cold

Scarlet dreams in nights to come
Misanthropy is our crimson reality
A bloodred wire through infinity
Through veils as black as never before

Slumbering, the dreams are pale
One thousand eyes behold
As astral images pass in gloom
Unconsciousness reflects the reality cold

Dwelling in the caves of death
Thoughts show the manifests of old
As pictures drenched in candlelight
Arise to take your soul

(Chapter 2: Epilogue)
The warrior meets his enemies of flesh and blood...

...And through the shadowmountains we march
Towards valleys in dying grey
Fiery swords and blazing bolts
In battle, until that glorious day

Shadows Over Isengard

For the dawn in Isengard is sunless
For the day in Isengard is black
For the evening storms roar crimson
As the night falls with a fiery sky

When the words are spoken
The shadow rises from his tomb
A majestic shade over the world
As I grant thee the key and the spell is broken

We proudly stand at the gates of paradise
Until the evening storms roar crimson
And the night falls with a fiery sky

Shadows over Isengard