CHRIST AGONY - Unholyunion

Inceremonial (Prophetical Part II)

I've burnt
my eyes
waiting for
Your sign"

Now the darkness in naked
Now the chaotic dance in the fog
Which draws the insane eyes
It overwhelms your trembling body
Everybody is dancing round this emptiness
The successor has already been chosen
From God's peers

He's wearing purple
And He seizes the throne
His insignia burning His hands
And nobody gonna compensate
The tears they cried
Everything dies
In this moment

God himself puts out all fires
With your blood
The faces rinsed with red
Rotting like maggots in the mud
It's mystery of begging and death
The sun of hate and curses
Born among the contempt

The subjects on they knees
Bitterly accept things
It the way they stand
The world had belonged to God
Now they want to crown Satan

Darkthurnal (Eternal Shouts)

The body of the night is the ugliness
Full of waiting
It's the unknown
In which Devil found
The source of my fear

I'm in the middle of this night
Enveloped in sickness
I'm in it
I'm in the middle of eternal flame
And it's priestess invites
She's unknown
An introduction and the end

Kneeling against her
I don't kneel but words
Crying against her
Tears are abnormal
Capable to provoke a storm
With my unbelief

Only the fire and the water
The Unknown God is eternal

The body of the night is the ugliness
Full of waiting
It's unknown
Everyone of you is in this night
And everyone looks for his own god
And everyone cries:

Unsaint shouts
Spat the sky
Unsaint shouts
Spat to God

Dies Irae

At your command
The dried darkness started
Gloating over the last
So marvelous banquet
Rummaged out by the laughter
Of desire

The ferryman stood up
And poured the blood on the table
A noise was made
God himself raised his tired eyes
And went worried away

Satan was looking avidly
Attracted woman with his eyes
And possessed one alive on the table
He laughed at gods
Laughed at their helplessness
He showed the beauty of his body
Changing into snake
He slipped between things
Gods couldn't spot that
Choked by immortality

It's a night of unification
And Satan laughed at their old age

He will give birth to
The god of one moment
Of one tear
Who having touched the blood
Will find death in it
He was full of contempt for another gods
But he suffered cause he knew
That his son, who would never
Experience nether suffering nor joy
Would die having touched the blood
And there's plenty of blood everywhere

If you were a creator, Sun
The Power would fall down before you
And children would fall down before you
And children would and the feast on they knees

In you were a creator, Sun
You wouldn't have let gods to come to Earth
And tears are gathering together
And laughing at our weakness
And our subjection that resembles
The dog's subjection

Ritualis Sceptrus (Mystery, Prophetical Part I)

Crucified sacrifice
Are sinking in the mist
Their weeping's like a brand
And dogs are waiting
By the crosses
For the night to come

Come from the abyss
Do not unfetter us
Do not let the words sound

Just as a pearl
Pick the satiating fruits
And dies of delicious taste
So the mist makes
The thorny shrub lie fighter
On the crucified head

Wake your lips up
Wake your arms up
Like a lost soul when praying
Give the sceptre
The sceptre of Satan

The subjects
Without dreams
Without power
On their knees
Lament overwhelms the darkness
Priests sweep their eyes
Over burning crosses
Priests angrily look
Are the prayer weeping
The prayer
Prayer in blood
The prayer
Prayer for blood

And the death of them
Turned his voice
To the sky
And the demented riff-raff
Is crying, tears all around
Unchained hands that tear
Throats to pieces
So that they won't sound again