CHRIST AGONY - Epitaph Of Christ

Unvirtue Diabolical

Fire is changing into darkness
neither god nor madman is born
she's full secrets and wild
she's inaccessible for tears and bitterness

Water is changing into light
neither a new god nor a friend is born
she's full of repugnance and the tragic
she's a naked strumpet, full of lust

You come at once - that's the way it should be
you are not one of us...
you can lust and hate
you are not one of us...

You don't understand my whisper
you don't understand the words in the poisonous mouth
so beautiful - painful night

Cause you're beyond the ring
beyond god
beyond fire
and you don't have to be my whore and nun

You don't have to be my whore and nun
your naked burden falls today full of repugnance
you don't have to pretend when you're kissing
you aren't connected with the unknown
and don't have to be my whore dressed in soutane...

Go away
go and quit this night

The wind is making a web on my mouth
feeds the burning fire
feeds this love
from god and satan


So bloody night soiled with desire
slowly awakes like death looks in your eyes
this night leaves too, she's wearing a coat
she's leaving taken by the horses of day

We come here to glorify death
to take of irons from the face
we come here to sink the fear
to get rid of repugnance

This night is to resemble a temple
this night is the only sanctity
we will apply it's oil to your bodies
and the screams will flow out of one mouth into another
This night is death
it's a last kiss
it's a forgiven sin

We come here to glorify death
to bid the day farewell with screams and singing
we come here to sink in death
and to devote us to this entirely

It's our sanctuary
a temple of lost travellers
searching for their own worlds

Possesed by lusts
they celebrate the brutality of silence
they search for an unknown god
naked truths in irons chained to the rocks
and bloody sacrifices 
hate ragging around
and angert making the hands burst
treaded traces arround to the weird castles
the warriors of barbarous tribes
the last among the real ones
they don't escape from fear in churches of killing
glorifying diamonds and beautiful women
they will find their own home in illusion
the last so faithful till the end
without death


This night
this belief
suicidal curse
the priest
are screaming in chorus
the don't breakup the night

This night
a lonely scream
dies faithful in the moon
the naked wrapped
with thorny grass 
three crosses 
soiled the dawn

The priest are here
the worship the crosses at dawn
and the sacrifice 
becomes the truth
in their hands

One can see the night in the fire
it's a crusade without belief
being strong enough to lift a stone
to lift to the sky
my blood...

Wich is drink in brain pans
it's a drink of lonelyness
the ritual of a crime
my blood
is a joy for the masters
the corpse
the gods food

So fuck my thoughts
rape my dreams
and cut my veins
and drink, drink

Die with me

Prophetical...Part III

God - you were a martyr
not worth praying
your grave won't be adorned with flowers
but with infants blood

Satan touched the dawn
and devoted the sky
to the powers
the sky born in the blood
but out wedlock

God, I scoff at your words
couse your graves been spat with fire
you won't be eternity
you won't be nothingness

The Subject on their knees
bitterly accept these moments
the satan is being coronated

now satan's coronation